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Andy Murray Back Surgery

Andy Murray Set To Undergo Back Surgery

October 8, 2013

By Jon Crim

This year’s Wimbledon champ, 26-year-old Andy Murray, is set to undergo back surgery on Monday, September 23, 2013.

For the past few years, Murray has been battling what appears to have been varying degrees of back pain. Earlier this year in May, his challenges with back pain forced him to pull out of the French Open. However, this ultimately allowed him to rest and prep for Wimbledon, where he’d go on to defeat Novak Djokovic for his second Grand Slam title.

According to, “the problem affects a nerve in Murray’s lower back which sends shooting pain down his hip and upper leg, and affects him more on clay and hard surfaces than grass courts.”

After the news broke, fans tweeted messages of support. Murray responded with the following about his looming back surgery:

After the surgery, Murray will likely miss the remainder of the season, including the season-ending ATP World Tour Finals in London this November. Hopefully, the time off will allow him enough time to rest, come back stronger and ultimately compete in 2014’s first slam the Australian Open, which begins on January 13.

Here’s a video with Andy Murray talking about his back pain earlier this year in June, just after missing the French Open. From all of us at TennisCompanion, we wish Andy a speedy recovery.

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    • TennisCompanion
      TennisCompanion says:

      Hi Mike,

      Couldn’t agree more – he’s a fighter. Looking forward to his return after his latest surgery. Hopefully, he comes back even stronger.

      All the best,


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