TennisCompanion Five Point Friday April 24, 2020

April 24, 2020

Five Point Friday

Here’s your roundup of the five most interesting things I’m enjoying or thinking about this week.

1.) Federer On Merging ATP & WTA

During his recent downtime, Roger posted on Twitter, suggesting right now might be an ideal time for the ATP & WTA to merge, which led to some interesting conversation. What are your thoughts?

2.) Rooftop Tennis in Italy

Recently, the world of social media has treated us to tennis players finding unique ways to hit without being able to access courts. Two individuals from Liguria, Italy, give us yet another idea when they shared hitting to each other from the rooftop of separate buildings.

3.) Rafa & Roger Go Live

Throughout the pandemic, there has been no shortage of Instagram Live sessions with the world’s top pros. This week, Rafa and Roger spent time catching up for all of us to enjoy.

4.) Djokovic and COVID-19 Vaccine

In a Facebook Live session, Djokovic claimed he’d have a difficult decision to make on whether to receive a vaccine for coronavirus if it was required to compete on tour. He didn’t outright shun the idea, and it’s unclear if he entirely opposes vaccines, but his comments certainly caused a stir.

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5.) Ultimate Tennis Showdown

Serena William’s coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, has been hard at work to bring tennis back sooner than later while the tours are on pause with the Ultimate Tennis Showdown. He’s planning a live stream of ten tennis matches every weekend over five weeks at his facilities starting May 16th and 17th. He already has a few players committing to play.

If you have a moment, I’d love to hear your feedback. Which topic is your favorite? What would you like to see more or less of each week?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and have a great weekend.

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