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    This is my first post. I’ve been playing with a monofilament polyester string for years, stringing it at the low end of the recommended range (its a stiff string). I am thinking about switching to natural gut, and am seeking insight as to how tight to string it.
    Thanks in advance.


    My first question is what tension do you string your current string at?

    But in general, gut is not nearly as stiff as poly so you are probably going to want to string it 3 to 5 pounds tighter.


    Thanks for your response. The research I’ve been doing shows most players are stringing gut at the high end of the recommended range. Some actually string it well above. I’ve been using Yonex Poly Tour Spin, strung 10% below the low limit – so, strung at 44 to play at 48. This is with NO string movement. Same strings since August 2016 on Prestige MP racquet. On my Prince Graphite and Dunlop 200G the strings have played well for a year. But, I’m looking for an edge, which is why I’m thinking about natural gut. Btw, the Yonex strings do not bother my arm at all.

    I’m 68, play competitively at USTA 4.0 (asked to be dropped from 4.5 after rotator cuff surgery 2 years ago, toss shoulder). I hit hard with top spin and have found the Yonex strings to play very well and be exceptionally durable. I’ve used gut in the past and sawed strings off quickly and routinely. Still, I am looking for some additional pop and bite. I’ve tried other strings with no joy.

    Again, thanks!


    What string tension for a beginner?

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    Beginner can start anywhere between mid 40s to low 40s. If you are hitting all the balls out of the court, you can start tightening to upper 40s before settling on the preferred tension. You need to wait till your swing quality improves….and then you’ll be advising someone else on string tension.


    What I know that first you should have tension in the middle of the range shown on your racket and then adjust it on feeling you will have. Try this article about tennis strings

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