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    I’m new to this site and interested to see how it is.

    I have 3 kids who play competitive tennis. One is 7 but the other two each have 4 racquets, they play every day, and break their strings quite often. For cost and convenience I started stringing a few months ago. I enjoy it. At first I was just restringing as they broke, but quickly realized that the tension drops sufficiently after a few days of hitting to alter play, and I replace after testing the tension. Obviously I also became faster, so this wasn’t so daunting.

    My kid’s coach prefers that they use one racquet at a time rather than rotate them, so that multiple racquets are fresh for tournaments.

    The kids cart all 4 racquets everywhere they go. I’m wondering if I should just have them bring 2 at a time on practice days and leave the others at home rather than have them bake in the sun etc. There are also times, like this week when I’m off work, that I string multiple racquets in the same day. Does it make sense to have 4 newly strung racquets in your bag at the same time. If you are only using one how long can the others be expected to maintain a decent tension? I use Solinco Tourbite as our coach has a relationship with them and reels are discounted.

    I know this is long and waffling, but any advice from someone who has experience with this as a stringing parent or as a stringer would be appreciated.


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