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    Just started playing again after pinching a nerve in my neck. I have been using a hybrid string – polyester in the mains and nylon in the crosses. At 58 years old, am wondering if it would be better to drop the polyesters and go back to nylon to minimize wear and tear on the arm and shoulders. Have used the Prince Lightning XX at 16G and liked those but am open to other suggestions?


    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m sorry to hear about the pinched nerve in your neck, but excited to hear you’re getting back out on the court again :)

    Which type of nylon string have you been using in the crosses?

    Generally multifilaments can be great tennis strings for players looking for a softer feel and to your point “less wear and tear on the arm and shoulders.” Here’s a few I’d recommend you check out:

    Wilson Sensation $9.95
    Prince Premier $14
    Technifibre NRG2 $16.95
    Wilson NXT $18.95
    Prince Premier Touch $18

    Check em’ out and let me know if you have any questions!

    All the best,



    I was originally using Prince Lightning XX in the crosses since I had played with that for years and liked the string. The guy who strings my racquets recommended Babolat Addiction in the crosses to soften the stringbed and increase the spin potential.


    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for your reply! Babolat Addiction is a solid string. Have you restrung with it already? I’d be interested to see how you like it. As far as multifilaments go it’s a bit more stiff (offering more control and a bit less power) than some that are available, but that might be a good compromise for you coming from using Prince Lightning XX as you should notice a difference in feel.

    The more expensive brother to Babolat Addiction is Babolat Xcel, which is another great mulifilatment. It’s just a bit pricy at $20 a pop, but another option to add to the mix.

    Have a great day!

    All the best,


    What tension do you have your racket strung at? What racket do you play with?
    As for stringing a hybrid, I think that poly is good for both mains and crosses,
    However your mains should be a lower guage than the crises so your strings will
    Grip the ball and give you more spin.



    I have a O3 Hybrid Hornet OS racquet. RPM Blast polys in main strung at 58 lbs, Addiction multifilaments in crosses at 60 lbs.

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