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    I’ve just joined , I’ve played tennis for many many years , about two plus years ago I incurred chronic ( golfers elbow ) from tennis .
    I’m currently get acupuncture and cupping on an ACC claim .
    Questions !
    1/ any ideas how to fix it ?
    2/ any tennis racket options ? Thinner ? Softer strings bigger grip etc ?
    Thanks so much


    I have tendon problems below my elbow and recently in my wrist. Two things that help are:
    1) Cut down the time you play or even take a break to give your body time to heal.
    2) Get coaching to look at your style. You may be muscling the racquet and putting extra strain on your body.
    Good luck with your recovery.


    I agree, get some coaching to see if your style of play is adding to the injury. My daughter had back issues, we looked at her form and changed so she did not have some of the over reaching rotation. This actually added about 10 miles to her serve without the strain on her back. She went on to play state finalist quality tennis before heading to college.


    I agree, getting your technique vetted out by the coach will help. Also, self retrospection helps a lot, you can understand a lot of what’s that you are doing wrong by consistently analyzing. See if the list below helps as well
    – lower your string tension
    – losen your arms during the shot – focus on free swing, rather hitting harder
    – try and use multifilament, natural guts instead of poly
    – is your racquet really old? how heavy is it? Choosing a lighter racquet, reducing string tension can aid your problem
    – how long ago was it stringed – gauge of the strings

    therapy –
    get a hard roller that can do some deep tissue pressure on your elbow and roll every day more than once
    there are foam cubes you can buy on amazon for small exercises that will help alleviate some of the pain
    Ice packs, every day – at least for 2-3 weeks along with some massage using penetrex

    after the pain reduces, start some weight training to help build some muscle around forearm, strengthen wrist, shoulder muscles

    Above all, fixing the technique will be the only way for sustaining the long run. Good Luck with recovery and keep loving tennis…


    I have some issues with tennis elbow too. What helps me was using tennis elbow straps. first few matches you will need to get accustomed to it, as you will feel it. But then you will never play without it. It really helps me a lot. I do not feel any pain during games and much less pain after it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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