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    On both the ATP and WTA tour there are some amazing players as well as amazing people.

    Which professional tennis player do you respect the most and why?


    Rafael nadal


    Roger Federer as his mental attitude and contributions to tennis is astonishing and he works hard at every single tournament he is in.



    Rafael Nadal ? He’s got such skill. Plus his uncle taught him to play with his left hand even though he writes with his right hand. Definitely my all time favourite male tennis player.
    And for women I would either say Sarena Williams, Maria Sharapova or Ana ivanovic


    Rafael Nadal.
    He was down, broken by 1 game already when his opponent hit a ball that the line judge and the referee thought was out. But he raised his hands and claimed the ball was in, giving the point to his opponent. He ended up winning the match but what a great guy he is. His attitude changed the way I see the game and I never cheated again. Was in July 2010.


    Roger Federer of course. Andy Murray is also in form. But in the case of tennis coach, I recommend Yury Bettoni most.

    Roger Federer & Yury Bettoni

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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