February 25, 2022 TennisCompanion Five Point Friday

February 25, 2022

Five Point Friday

Here’s your roundup of the five most interesting things I’m enjoying or thinking about this week.

1.) Zverev’s Outburst

After Alexander Zverev and doubles partner, Marcelo Melo lost their match at the Mexican Open in Acapulco, Zverev approached and struck the umpire’s chair three times with his racquet before briefly sitting and hitting it once again. As a result, he was kicked out of the tournament entirely for unsportsmanlike conduct and likely will face more ATP sanctions.

2.) Venus Back on YouTube

Two years ago, Venus Williams first posted to YouTube and continued with periodic uploads through December of 2020. Now, after a hiatus from publishing in 2021, she’s back and has shared three videos over the past few weeks. One of her most popular is a reaction video to her US Open debut at the US Open, where she reached the finals. Venus is a great personality, and it’s fun to watch and hear her share about the experience.

3.) Kyrgios Opens Up

Nick Kyrgios is no stranger to opening up to fans with his struggles, but his latest post dives deep. In it, he shares details of self-harm, suicidal thoughts, drug and alcohol abuse, and pushing away family and friends. Having turned things around for himself, he encourages anyone going through similar challenges to open up and seek help while reassuring those suffering that they’re not alone.

4.) Challengers a New Film

MGM is reportedly wrapping up deals on Challengers, a new romantic drama with professional tennis, and the ATP Challenger Tour, serving as the film’s backdrop. Those close to the movie expect filming to begin this spring on the East Coast.

5.) Millman’s Bizzare Injury

During his match at the Mexican Open, John Millman turned to catch a ball with his racquet casually. In a brief moment, the ball ricocheted directly into his right eye and subsequently forced him to retire from the match. He’s reportedly doing okay and was able to joke about it after the fact on Instagram.

If you have a moment, I’d love to hear your feedback. Which topic is your favorite? What would you like to see more or less of each week?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and have a great weekend.

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