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Tennis Racquet Brands and Logos

Tennis Racquet Brands, Players & Racquet Technologies

With over 15 tennis racquet brands on the market, players are…

How to Select the Perfect Tennis Racquet Grip Size

If you’re about to choose a new tennis racquet or you’re…
Types of Tennis Racquets - Wilson Pro Staff 90 BLX

An Overview of the Different Parts of a Tennis Racquet

If you’re just getting started with tennis, then it can be…

Tennis Gear For Players of All Ages & Levels

Whether you’re just getting started with tennis or you are an experienced player, having the right tennis gear can make all the difference. From selecting your tennis racquet and strings, to having the right pair of shoes, your equipment is one of the few things you have complete control over. As such, it’s important to take the time to learn about your gear so you’re properly equipped to perform at your best.

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