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Natural Gut Tennis String Comes From Cows

Natural Gut Strings: The Ultimate Buyers Guide with Our Top Picks

If you’ve been around tennis for a while, you’ve likely heard…

A Comprehensive Resource for Tennis Strings

Often overlooked and under-appreciated, tennis strings are the unsung hero of gear in the world of tennis gear. While there’s no doubt that tennis racquets are typically the primary focus, tennis strings and the tension which you string them at can have huge implications on a players game.

So why is it that emphasis on tennis strings falls to the wayside? For one, there tends to be significantly less marketing emphasis placed on strings by manufacturers in comparison to other products such as racquets and shoes. As a result, tennis strings receive significantly less exposure than other tennis gear.

However, beyond general awareness, knowledge surrounding tennis string tends to be lacking and there are very few places tennis players can go to learn more about tennis strings and how it impacts their ability to perform.

The good news is that learning about tennis string isn’t all that complex. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of tennis strings that players should consider.

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