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Tennis Drills for All Levels of Play



Some people love them and some people hate them. Either way there’s no denying that tennis drills are one of the best ways to master your strokes, build consistency, boost your confidence and keep you at the top of your game.

As with most sports practice makes perfect and tennis is no exception. Whether you’re new to tennis or a seasoned pro, regularly practicing drills is critical to training your body and developing the muscle memory necessary to play effectively when you step on the court.

Conditioning & Footwork

Conditioning and Footwork

Wait, you mean we have to work out to become better at tennis? We can already hear the moans and groans. Trust us, we totally get it.

We all want to have the stamina of an Iron Man contestant and lightning fast footwork like well tuned boxer, but most of us are not willing to put in the effort it takes to get there. Wait, what’s that sound? That’s the sweet sound of opportunity.

At the end of the day, tennis drills that help you improve your fitness and footwork are one of the very best ways to gain an edge on 90% of the players out there. Yeah, there’s plenty of guys and gals out there that are working hard too, but guess what? This is one of the few things that you have complete control over and typically won’t fail you in a pinch.

While your strokes may break down or your serve may get a little wonky, your conditioning and your ability to outlast players usually won’t. We think it’s a worthwhile focus considering many unforced errors are the result of poor conditioning and matches are lost when you can’t keep up with your opponents.

Recognizing this, we regularly cover tennis drills that will help ensure you develop the proper footwork and keep you in tip-top shape. As a result, you’ll find you’re able to maintain better form and break down your opponents through tough physical play… time and time again.

Groundstrokes & Serves

Groundstrokes & Serves

Mastering any stroke in tennis comes through repetition. Mastering any stroke in tennis comes through repetition (ha, see what we just did there). But, it’s true!

When you first hit the court and swing your racket to hit a forehand or a serve, it’s not going to feel like a familiar motion. As a result, it’s critical that you practice and repeat each stroke over and over so that your body builds the muscle memory with the correct form. Developing solid muscle memory will also be tremendous under pressure because your body will still know what to do to make the shot when your nerves creep up.

Beyond simply developing muscle memory, tennis drills that focus on your strokes will help improve your consistency. If you can hit 50 second serves with correct form into the service box or hit 100 groundstrokes back and forth in a rally during practice, chances are you’re going to be able to replicate that success during a match.

As such, we’re always covering a variety of different tennis drills to help you get the most out of practice, improve your strokes and develop the skills you need for success on the court.

Of course, we can’t forget that half the battle is being able to move efficiently over long periods of time and developing the proper footwork. This way you can position yourself and ensure that you can hit the proper stroke that you’ve practiced so hard to master in the first place. So, remember your conditioning and footwork is just as critical as developing killer strokes.

Returns & Volleys

Returns & Volleys

Similar to groundstrokes and serving, repetition is critical for learning and improving your returns and volleys. However, these particular shots present a unique challenge in that they require you to be extremely agile and develop Jackie Chan like reflexes.

Over the years racquet and string technology have improved tremendously increasing the speed and velocity of players shots.As a result, developing agility and solid reflexes has become more and more critical. Whether it’s returning a big serve or stepping into a forehand at the net, you’ll be glad you spend the time to improve this part of your game.

Some of this will come naturally through practice by developing your strokes and hitting the court more frequently. However, there are specific tennis drills that you can practice to maximize your agility and improve your reflexes to put you in an offensive position with your returns and volleys rather than defensive.

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