May 13, 2022 TennisCompanion Five Point Friday

May 13, 2022

Five Point Friday

Here’s your roundup of the five most interesting things I’m enjoying or thinking about this week.

1.) Tennis Health Benefits

For years, studies have shown tennis to be a healthy activity for the mental and physical well-being of its participants. However, a new study from the Journal of American Medicine & Science looks specifically at players who participate in leagues. Surveying 10k USTA league players, they asked respondents to rate themselves across eight quality-of-life categories.

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2.) Andreescu Back At It

After taking time off for a mental health break following Indian Wells last year, Bianca Andreescu returned to tennis last month. Now she finds herself in the quarterfinals of the Italian Open after three straight-set wins. She’ll face Iga Swiatek in her next match, who logged her 25th straight win yesterday. Although Swiatek will be the favorite, it should be a fun match to check out.

3.) Game, Seat & Match

Roland Garros is experimenting with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), unveiling their first collection titled “Game, Seat & Match.” Five thousand NFTs representing a virtual seat at Philippe-Chatrier court will allow fans to join a community with access to special perks and experiences. Each seat will sell for 200 euros starting 5/19 at 10 am.

Explore the NFT Collection

4.) Osaka’s New Agency

Naomi Osaka has branched out with her former IMG agent Stuart Duguid to launch EVOLVE, a new sports agency. IMG previously represented Naomi, but as the highest-paid female athlete, she’s looking to do things her way. The move is noteworthy for women in sports as Naomi is the first female athlete of her stature to take complete control over her business endeavors and attempt to build an agency.

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5.) Shapovalov’s Point Penalty

During his first match at the Italian Open, Denis Shapovalov received a rare point penalty. His opponent, Italian Lorenzo Sonego, challenged a second serve line call, resulting in an overturned line call and double fault for Shapovalov. Unsurprisingly, Denis disagreed, so he stepped over the net to point out the ball mark to the chair umpire and was subsequently issued a point penalty as you’re not allowed to cross the net. As you might imagine, it was a scene, and it didn’t help when Sapovalov lost his temper.

If you have a moment, I’d love to hear your feedback. Which topic is your favorite? What would you like to see more or less of each week?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and have a great weekend.

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