Tennis Workouts

Maximize your performance with workouts designed specifically for tennis.

Tennis Workouts for All Levels of Play


In tennis, as in most sports, being physically fit is critical to ensure you can perform at your highest level. Unless you’re only going out to play for a few minutes at a time, your level of fitness will have a huge impact on your ability to stay focused, keep your form, outlast your opponents during long rallies and quickly recover to move onto the next point.

Recognizing this, it’s important to take your workouts as seriously as you do your practice time. It can also be helpful to plan and develop workouts specifically for tennis that will target and help recreate the types of movements your body will experience during a match. You may include workouts that involve a lot of stop and go, lateral movements, quick footwork and short intense bursts of speed.

As a result, TennisCompanion focuses specifically on tennis workouts that will help you develop the type of fitness you’ll need to build the speed and agility, strength and endurance that will help you compete at a higher level and more thoroughly enjoy your matches.

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