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Running the Tennis Court Lines

Running The Lines In Tennis: A Basic Pattern

If you’re new to tennis then learning how to run the lines…

Tennis Workouts for All Levels of Play



In tennis, as in most sports, being physically fit is critical to ensure you can perform at your highest level. Unless you’re only going out to play for a few minutes at a time, your level of fitness will have a huge impact on your ability to stay focused, keep your form, outlast your opponents during long rallies and quickly recover to move onto the next point.

Recognizing this, it’s important to take your workouts as seriously as you do your practice time. It can also be helpful to plan and develop workouts specifically for tennis that will target and help recreate the types of movements your body will experience during a match. You may include workouts that involve a lot of stop and go, lateral movements, quick footwork and short intense bursts of speed.

As a result, TennisCompanion focuses specifically on tennis workouts that will help you develop the type of fitness you’ll need to build the speed and agility, strength and endurance that will help you compete at a higher level and more thoroughly enjoy your matches.

Speed & Agility

Speed & Agility

It’s no secret that tennis is a fast sport, so if you’d like to move like Nadal, Ferrer or the acrobatic Monfils, then you need to spend time focusing on tennis workouts that will build your speed and agility.

In particular, increased levels of speed and agility have the ability to provide you with a significant advantage because they allow you to respond quickly and track down more shots that other players might simply give up on.

In addition, speed and agility can be great weapons for helping players move to the net so they can take over the court and more quickly close out points.



While it’s important to develop your speed and agility it’s also important to spend a portion of your workouts building strength. A few benefits of strength training include the ability to hit bigger shots, develop more control over your body as well as quicker recovery from the continuous punishment that your body undergoes during practice and your tennis matches.

Many tennis players will also be happy to know that strength training doesn’t necessarily mean weight training. There are a wide range of workouts that you can participate to help build some of the more crucial parts of your body such as strong legs and a rock solid core.

At TennisCompanion we’ll provide you with workouts that specifically target building strength so that you can more effectively execute your shots with proper form and technique.

In particular, building your strength in your legs and core has the ability to help improve all aspects of your game. From hitting more commanding groundstrokes, to a powerful serve and.



Due to the nature of tennis scoring and the fact that it’s not a timed sport, matches can last for hours with very little time for breaks. As a result, your ability to maintain your energy levels throughout an entire match can often make or break your results.

The fact is a match is not over until you win the very last point, so it’s just as important to be able to finish strong as it is to start strong. However, if you haven’t put in the necessary work to build your endurance you’ll find yourself giving up points and having a difficult time closing out matches. After all, the last thing you want is to lose a match because you were tired… right?

If so, then it’s worth spending time on workouts that are specifically geared towards building your endurance so that you come out on top during a lengthy match.

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