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The Latest Women’s Tennis News You Can’t Live Without

Are you obsessed with tennis? Like, wake up in the middle of the night because you were dreaming of crushing that match winning ace obsessed? Or go to the store to buy some groceries and find it hard to locate your wallet in your purse because it’s covered under 3 tennis balls, a pack of overgrips and a new pack of tennis strings obsessed?

Yeah, we know the feeling… because we’re obsessed too! At TennisCompanion we eat, sleep and breathe tennis. It’s what defines us, what motivates us and what gets us through the day. As our friends over at Babolat say, #tennisrunsinourblood.

In fact, we’re so crazy about tennis that we spend day-in and day-out scouring the web for the hottest women’s tennis news, so we can deliver it straight to people just like you. But, we’re careful… we don’t just cover anything and everything. In today’s world a broken nail can pass as newsworthy, so we cut through the fluff. We cover the stuff you need to know, the stuff you can’t live without and the stuff that inspires you to get back out on the court.

As members of the tennis community, we’re lucky. We play, follow and live on of the greatest and most diverse sports on the planet. With players competing from all corners of the world, we’re one of the few truly international sports. Each year there are over 60 women’s WTA tennis tournaments held annually, including 4 tournaments that make the Super Bowl look, well… just a little bit silly. Add to that some of the most amazing fans that actually play their sport on a regular basis, and you know you’re part of something special.

So when you turn to get your fill of the latest women’s tennis news, stop by and check us out. We’re on it 24-7, bringing you the very best in women’s tennis news. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. See you on the court!

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