TennisCompanion Five Point Friday April 3, 2019

April 3, 2020

Five Point Friday

Here’s your roundup of the five most interesting things I’m enjoying or thinking about this week.

1.) Wimbledon Cancels

Although the writing was on the wall, Wimbledon officially announced they won’t be holding their tournament this year. The news came alongside the ATP & WTA extending their suspension of tennis through July 13, 2020.

2.) US Open Temporary Hospital

New York City’s Emergency Management office is coordinating the transformation of 12 indoor courts at the National Tennis Center for 100,000 square feet of hospital space. Meanwhile, Louis Armstrong Stadium will be used to prepare and distribute 25,000 meal packages every day for patients, workers, and children.

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3.) Stan’s Birthday Celebration

As most of us practice social distancing and obey shelter in place or even stricter orders, it can make it a tricky time to celebrate birthdays. Despite that, Stan Wawrinka found a fun way to celebrate with six of his closest friends.

4.) Tourna Grips Finally In White

Tourna Grips are some of the most popular, and their iconic blue color is unmistakable. However, to my surprise and delight, they announced they’ll be offering them in white. Until, of course, you realize it was an April Fools joke.

5.) #redshirtcoronayear

Alexa Bortles and Tim Sandkaulen, tennis players at Ole Miss, started a new Instagram account and shared a lengthy post advocating for the NCAA to extend additional eligibility to seniors who have had their final season shortened by the pandemic.

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We’re trying to rally together other students-athletes being affected by the drastic measures concerning Corona Virus that is robbing individuals of eligibility, finishing their careers, or simply playing their sport. We spend our lives making sacrifices and investing in our sports. For seniors, they deserve closure and being able to finish their sport and season on their own terms. We have been silenced and handcuffed as an athletic population. We are raised as elite athletes to stop at nothing and that’s exactly what we are doing with our #redshirtcoronayear movement. There is strength in numbers. We are trying to gain as much awareness and rally together as many athletes as possible. It is more than just taking away our sport, this is our life. We are only given 4-5 precious years of eligibility. We plan to make them count. #redshirtcoronayear

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If you have a moment, I’d love to hear your feedback. Which topic is your favorite? What would you like to see more or less of each week?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and have a great weekend.

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