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    Over the years women’s tennis has fought for parity to close the gap between what men are paid and while it has taken quite some time we’ve seen the gap close significantly with equal pay at all Grand Slam events.

    Check out this article that charts the timeframe over which equal pay occurred for women’s tennis.

    Yesterday at the Indian Wells BNP Paribas Open, inexcusable comments from tournament CEO Raymond Moore drew attention to the comparison of men’s and women’s tennis once again.

    In an interview with Novak Djokovic after winning the title at Indian Wells for the 5th tie he was quoted saying:

    Women “fought for what they deserve and they got it”, but claimed prize money should be “fairly distributed” based on “who attracts more attention, spectators and who sells more tickets.”

    Do you agree with the world #1’s comments? How do you think prize money should be distributed between men’s and women’s tennis?


    First, I think Djoker’s comments were innocent and economics/business based rather than sexist. From that standpoint alone I think the argument of paying what the market will bear is a reasonable one. Having said that it just doesn’t work in a high profile public arena like professional tennis. At this high level symbolism is hugely
    Important. It just doesn’t fly to have one gender paid more than another.

    The only counter to this that is worth exploring for me is at the slams. The men play best of 5 and so really can’t and don’t participate in the doubles as much as the women. Serena has often won singles and doubles at the same tourney. What men can say the same? It’s not such a big deal for the top guys but I can imagine the lower ranked guys would appreciate having the time and energy to do both and bolster their income. I think there is a legitimate unfairness to male players there.

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