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Tennis Lessons for Less

Did you know that the average hour long tennis lesson costs over $60 per hour long private session? Yikes!! That’s a lot of moolah. Of course there’s no doubt professional instruction can make a huge difference when you’re looking to improve your game; however, at that price tennis lessons are unfortunately unattainable by the masses. Additionally, if you rely solely on in-person lessons your progress is often severely limited simply by the amount of time you can afford to spend with your instructor.

Recognizing this, we’re breaking out all the stops to bring you a wide range of tennis lessons for getting started with tennis and improving your game. The fact is, a large portion of in-person tennis lessons tend to be spent on drills and conditioning, so with a little knowledge and some personal initiative you can take yourself farther than you might imagine.

Also, with tennis lessons delivered online you can spend time learning around the clock when it’s convenient for you – oh, and did we mention you won’t even have to break out your wallet? Yeah, that’s right… our online tennis lessons are totally free!

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