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Tennis Rules for All Levels of Play



Did you know that if your hat falls off your head and out of bounds during the point and the other player hits your hat, even though it’s out of bounds, during the course of play that they win the point? How about the fact that there are time limits in between points and when you switch sides of the court? Perhaps you weren’t even aware that players switch sides of the court.

If not, that’s totally fine. Most newcomers to tennis are vaguely familiar with the rules and that’s to be expected. However, that means it’s on you to educate yourself and understand the game. After all, most tennis matches are played without an umpire, so it’s crucial that you can defend yourself or know how to handle a tough situation with a less than honest opponent on the court.



There’s no doubt when it comes to the rules of tennis that scoring is one of the very first questions that new players have questions about. Many people can be thoroughly confused by how tennis is scored and to be honest, we don’t blame them.

If you happen to fall into this camp you’ll be happy to know that we have plenty of resources to help you quickly learn how to keep score in tennis so you can start enjoying the sport with the proper scoring system.

And while there are most certainly more straightforward scoring systems out there you’ll likely come to appreciate the scoring system as one of the many intricacies that make our sport unique.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

At the end of the day tennis is more fun when everyone’s knows and plays by the rules. We all work really hard to improve our level of play and when it comes to competition, most, if not all, of us want to play under the fairest conditions possible.

As a result, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) put together a code of conduct as a guiding set of principles for how we should conduct ourselves during play. Unfortunately not all players adhere to the code of conduct and when you find yourself in a situation with an opponent who doesn’t follow the rules, it’s important to know how to best handle the situation under the guidelines set forth by the USTA.

Additionally, as members of the tennis community we also feel it’s our duty to uphold the code of conduct set forth by the USTA, to lead by example and to practice good sportsmanship. That’s why we cover a topics including code of conduct to ensure you’re as knowledgeable on the topic as possible.



If you plan on spending any time competing in tennis then you’ll definitely want to have a good handle on the official regulations that govern the USTA.

Regulations cover topics from eligibility and how to enter a tournament, to how draws should be conducted and how rankings are calculated. Your desire to play competitive tennis will likely determine the level of awareness you should have into the regulations of tennis, but regardless, it doesn’t hurt to have some baseline knowledge of the regulations that govern the USTA.

At TennisCompanion we cover many of the more common questions attributed to tennis regulations so you can become familiar and more knowledgeable on the topic. So when you have questions about the rules of tennis, stop by and check us out. We’re continually writing new content to keep you informed.

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