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Writing Guidelines

  • Please edit spelling and grammar thoroughly before submitting. It can be helpful to share with a friend or family member for a first pass edit and reading your post out loud.
  • Please strive for a friendly and approachable tone, as if you were speaking to a good friend
  • Affiliate links are not allowed in TennisCompanion guest posts, however you may link to resources when relevant
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  • Upon being published, your post may receive questions or comments. Please take the time to reply and participate as much as possible.

How to Write Great Articles – Questions to Think About

  • Is my post unique and original? Have I found a unique perspective on a topic?
  • Will TennisCompanion’s audience find my article interesting? We’re a community that loves tennis and topics about the pro tour, rankings, stats, health, fitness, drills, mental toughness, gear, etc…
  • Did I provide examples, data and statistics to support my stance or topic?
  • When relevant, did I provide actionable information that will benefit readers?
  • Have I been thorough in explaining? When relevant are instructions easy to follow?
  • Have I used pictures, drawings, photos or screenshots to help make my article more interesting and valuable to the audience?
  • Is it easy to read my post? Did I use multiple headers, bullets, images that look clean and professional and help break up my article so it’s easier to read?