Laver Cup Prize Money

2022 Breakdown & Historicals

By Jon Crim
Image Credit: Laver Cup

Named after Rod Laver and established in 2017, the Laver Cup is an annual hardcourt event where Team Europe and Team World, each composed of six players, face off against each other.

During the three-day tournament, players participate in 12 matches with victories increasing in value, starting at one point on day one, and ending at three points on day three. To date, Team Europe has won every single tournament.

This year marks a special edition of the tournament where Roger Federer will play his final ATP match alongside long-time rival Rafael Nadal, slated for Friday, September 23, 2022.

For 2022, Laver Cup prize money remains flat, with the total purse set at $2,250,000 or €2,284,537 and £1,996,503, a significant sum where only 12 players participate.

Each winning team member will pocket $250,000, which translates to €253,966 and £221,808. Again there is no increase or decrease in these prize numbers compared to 2021.

However, everyone who participates wins on some level, with the losing team members each earning a $125,000 check, equating to €126,936 and £110,893 for their efforts.

Beyond prize money, players at the Laver Cup earn guaranteed participation fees commensurate with their rankings, so the higher ranked a player, the more they make for showing up.

The remainder of this guide details an overview and complete breakdown of the Laver Cup’s prize money and historical data for reference and quick comparison.

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2022 Full Breakdown

As a team event, prize money at the Laver Cup looks drastically different than your standard ATP tournament, where players earn more the further they progress at the event. Instead, participating players win a flat prize amount as winners or losers.

Furthermore, where doubles participants usually earn less money at tournaments, there is no distinction. All team members win the same amount regardless of their participation across matches.

The following table summarizes prize money data at the Laver Cup since its start in 2017. I’ve converted prize money to euros and Sterling Pound, calculated using the prior year’s exchange rate on the day of the final for a close approximation of value.

Winning Team

Amount paid to each winning team member.

Winning Team Dollars Euros Pounds
2017 $250,000 €209,013 £184,255
2018 $250,000 €212,603 £190,067
2019 $250,000 €226,655 £199,977
2021 $250,000 €213,329 £182,829
2022 $250,000 €252,934 £220,700

Losing Team

Amount paid to each losing team member.

Losing Team Dollars Euros Pounds
2017 $125,000 €104,506 £92,128
2018 $125,000 €106,302 £95,034
2019 $125,000 €113,327 £99,989
2021 $125,000 €106,664 £91,415
2022 $125,000 €126,467 £110,350

Prize Money by Year

It’s common for prize money at ATP tournaments to change yearly based on various factors, including the tournament’s success in the prior year. However, the Laver Cup is unique because prize money has remained the same since its inception.

Like other tournaments, organizers fund prize money through many of the same key revenue sources, including ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandise, and concessions. The event has experienced success every year, so it’s surprising prize money hasn’t increased. However, to be fair, the amount players receive is generous even by today’s prize money standards.

The following table outlines the yearly prize money for the Laver Cup since 2017. As you can see, it’s remained the same since the inaugural tournament.

Year Total Prize Money Change
2017 $2,250,000 0%
2018 $2,250,000 0%
2019 $2,250,000 0%
2021 $2,250,000 0%
2022 $2,250,000 0%

Please note that all data is in US dollars.


Here are a few frequently asked questions from fans and attendees about the Laver Cup’s prize money.

How much does the winner earn at the Laver Cup?

For 2022, each winning team member at the Laver Cup will take home $250,000, which translates to €253,966 and £221,808.

How much does the runner-up earn at the Laver Cup?

For 2022, each losing team member at the Laver Cup will take home $125,000, which translates to €126,936 and £110,893.

Is the Laver Cup’s prize money taxed?

Yes. For 2022, the UK government taxes all player earnings at the Laver Cup, which is 40-45% depending on a player’s winnings.

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