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Tel Aviv Open Prize Money

2022 Breakdown & Historicals

By Jon Crim

The Tel Aviv Open is an ATP 250 indoor hardcourt tournament that organizers are hosting in Israel for the first time in 26 years. Previously an ATP event ran for a brief stint from 1978 to 1981, then again from 1983 to 1996, so it’s great to see tennis back in the country.

The tournament’s venue is the Tel Aviv International Convention Center, which boasts a center court with 2,500 seats and is situated just north of the beautiful Hayarkon Park.

In 1983, former world No. 6 Aaron Krickstein became the youngest player ever to win an ATP event at 16 and two months old.

For 2022, the Tel Aviv Open’s total prize money is just shy of a million dollars at $949,475, a sizable purse for a lower-tier event.

The 28-draw singles tournament’s winner will take home a fair share of the purse at $144,415, which equates to €146,102 and £127,532, while the runner-up will claim a solid payday of $84,245 or €85,229 and £74,396 for his efforts – combined, a quarter of the prize money.

On the doubles side, the champions will split $50,180, which translates to €50,795 and £44,323. The runner-up team will win roughly half that amount at $26,850 or €27,179 £23,716.

I’ve provided an overview and detailed breakdown of the Tel Aviv Open’s prize money for quick reference and comparison, including currency conversion to euros and sterling pounds.

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2022 Full Breakdown

Like most tournaments on the ATP Tour, organizers distribute roughly 80% of prize money at the Tel Aviv Open to the singles event, while the remaining 20% supports the 16-team doubles event.

In both disciplines, a player or team progressing further through the tournament substantially increases their winnings. For example, a player who exits the second round in singles earns 63% more than a player exiting who bows out in the first.

For easy review, I’ve summarized the Tel Aviv Open’s 2022 prize money by round for singles and doubles and converted earnings to euros and Sterling Pound, which I calculated using the current exchange rate.


2022 US Dollar Euro Sterling Pound
Winner $144,415 €146,102 £127,532
Runner Up $84,245 €85,229 £74,396
Semi-Final $49,535 €50,114 £43,744
Quarter Final $28,700 €29,035 £25,345
Round 2 $16,660 €16,855 £14,712
Round 1 $10,185 €10,304 £8,994
Q2 $5,090 €5,149 £4,495
Q1 $2,775 €2,807 £2,451

Doubles (Per Pair)

2022 US Dollar Euro Sterling Pound
Winner $50,180 €50,795 £44,323
Runner Up $26,850 €27,179 £23,716
Semi-Final $15,740 €15,933 £13,903
Quarter Final $8,800 €8,908 £7,773
Round 1 $5,180 €5,244 £4,575

Prize Money by Year

After a 26-year hiatus from the tour, the Tel Aviv Open is back for its first year, so we don’t have historical data for comparison yet. If the tournament remains on the ATP Tour’s schedule in subsequent years, I’ll update the tournament’s annual prize money here.

The tournament’s success will heavily dictate whether the prize money increases or decreases, with top revenue sources including ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandise, and concessions impacting available funds for awarding prize money.

Year Korea Open Total Prize Money % Change
2022 $949,475

Please note that all data is in US dollars.


Here are a few frequently asked questions from fans and attendees about the Tel Aviv Open’s prize money.

How much does the winner earn at the Tel Aviv Open?

For 2022, the winner at the Tel Aviv Open will take home $144,415, which translates to €146,102 and £127,532.

How much does the runner-up earn at the Tel Aviv Open?

For 2022, the runner-up at the Tel Aviv Open will take home $84,245, which translates to €85,229 and £74,396.

Is the Tel Aviv Open’s prize money taxed?

Yes. For 2022, the Israeli government taxes all player earnings at the Tel Aviv Open, reaching as high as 50% depending on a player’s winnings.

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