A photograph of my right hand holding the proper tennis serve grip with a tennis court in the background.

Perfecting Your Tennis Serve Grip Technique

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  1. Tietzen
    Tietzen says:

    Jon; I move my grip further left than continental when trying to get extra kick on the ball, as did Edberg. No doubt the flex in the wrist is increased with the proper grip. I never, when talking to players, talk about “power”. That word conveys tight muscles. Rather, one should stress racket head speed, just as a golf coach talks of club head speed.
    Relaxed and rhythmic is critical to good serving. My high school coach (ex U of Wisconsin) stress the relaxed body, arm and wrist. while serving, and turned out great servers, most of whom played university tennis. ,

  2. Takawira Jimu
    Takawira Jimu says:

    I like this campaign. I’d like to receive more techniques and teaching videos so as to improve my play.


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