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17 Best Tennis Bags for Women | Stylish Totes, Backpacks, & More

18 Best Tennis Bags for Women

Stylish Totes, Backpacks, & More

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By Jon Crim

If you’ve played tennis for any length of time, you’ve likely come to appreciate the practicality of a quality tennis bag. Aside from storing your tennis racquets, they’re perfect for carrying essential gear to the court, showing a bit of personality, and completing your favorite outfit.

Although there are several options worth considering, including totes, backpacks, racquet bags, and duffles, the best choices are those that meet your needs, including a price that you can reasonably afford.

That’s why I created this guide. I’ll provide you with an overview of what’s out there, discuss helpful features to consider, and share the most popular brands I see on the court that you should explore.

I’ve also narrowed down a selection of my favorite picks, each approved by an expert panel of female tennis players, a.k.a., my wife, mom, and sister ;) Seriously though, they loved these bags!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of my favorites from the selection we’ll cover in this guide.

Type of Bag Top Picks
Tote Vessel Baseline
Tote Geau Sport Stance
Tote Cind B Tennis Court
Tote Ame & Lulu Love All
Tote Glove It
Backpack Geau Sport Axiom v2
Backpack Cinda B
Backpack Head Rebel
Racquet Vessel Baseline
Racquet Geau Sport Aether
Duffle Oliver Thomas Kitchen Sink
Duffle Nike Gym Club
Duffle Wilson Clash

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Types of Bags

Before diving in and selecting a bag, it’s worth touching on the different styles that are available and what to expect from them.


Tote - Types of Women's Tennis Bags

Hands down, the most common tennis bag for ladies is the tote. Whether you’re at your local public courts or tennis club, you’ll find these are a favorite among women for their style, size, and versatility.

Although they’re not the largest tennis bags, they offer surprisingly roomy storage. Most will accommodate two tennis racquets along with extra space for carrying essentials, including a water bottle, towel, and balls.

One of my favorite parts about totes is their versatility. Many of them transition perfectly from the court to work, the gym, running errands, or a day at the beach. Another reason you’ll find totes are popular is that they come in a variety of fun colors, cute patterns, and high-quality materials.

As far as function goes, totes usually feature two carry handles for holding the bag by your side or over your shoulder. They’ll also have a dedicated compartment for racquets and plenty of pockets for keeping everything organized.


Backpack - Types of Women's Tennis Bags

A bit bigger than totes, tennis backpacks are a practical no-fuss way to carry all your gear. If you’re traveling for the day, a backpack is an excellent option to help keep everything contained.

Like totes, most backpacks will carry up to two tennis racquets in a dedicated compartment, but you’ll also have the backpack’s main enclosure for the bulk of your storage. Some tennis backpacks even include a zippered section for your shoes.

If you’re on the hunt for a tennis bag for your daughter, then the tennis backpack is an ideal choice. My sisters and I all had them growing up, and they were perfect for biking to our local club. We could bring our racquets, bathing suit, towel, and some snacks with room to spare.

As far as designs and colors go, there are a few dedicated women’s brands like Ame & Lulu, cinda b, and Glove It that offer unique options. However, backpacks tend to be unisex, so the styling is often a bit more muted or bland.

I’m a big fan of backpacks for tennis because you can easily repurpose them for other activities. From the court to a short weekend getaway, they’re an ideal size for various activities.


Racquet Bag - Types of Women's Tennis Bags

The racquet bag is the most purpose-built of all tennis bags, which typically caters to the more dedicated tennis player. They get their name because their shape roughly resembles the outline of a tennis racquet, allowing players to store their racquets entirely covered.

As players get more serious with tennis, they often gravitate to racquet bags because they want to protect their racquets from damage, but just as important, they need extra storage. It’s common for competitive players to carry 3-5 tennis racquets.

Racquet bags come in different sizes, denoted by the number of racquets they can carry, usually ranging from 3-15. When shopping for these bags, keep an eye out for this number to get a sense of storage capacity.

The vast majority of racquet bags are unisex. Although some are colored, you’ll be less likely to find a quality option with a unique design. Most of the available options are from popular tennis brands.

With that said, a few companies have designed racquet bags with women in mind, so I’ll be sure to touch on those.


Duffle - Types of Women's Tennis Bags

Most duffle bags for tennis will fit squarely into one of two categories:

  • Larger for travel
  • Smaller for extra storage

Duffle bags for travel are larger and function much like luggage. They can store a large number of tennis racquets along with plenty of clothing for a long weekend or trip to a tournament.

Travel duffles tend to be less practical for everyday usage at the court, but some do come with shoulder straps if you enjoy the style.

Smaller duffle bags make great options for those who need to bring a bit of extra gear. They’re typically not large enough to carry a tennis racquet, but they’re perfect for shoes, a change of clothes, or even some training equipment for the court.

One of the most common places to see smaller duffle bags is on the pro tour. Many top ATP and WTA athletes carry a racquet bag and a smaller duffle when they head out on the court for a match.


Designer - Types of Women's Tennis Bags

Although not explicitly a type of bag, I find designer bags fit into their own category. Their price points make them less reasonable options for the average tennis player, but still great options if you can afford them.

What typically distinguishes designer bags from the rest is the brand, materials, and craftsmanship. High-end labels like Tory Burch, Court Couture, Vessel, and Oliver Thomas are a few popular options.

Helpful Considerations

As you begin to explore your options, I’d encourage you to keep the following features in mind. On the surface, some of these might feel a bit obvious, but they go a long way to finding the right fit.


If you’re playing casually with friends, then the size of your bag likely won’t be much of an issue, and any bag should do the trick.

However, if you’re a serious competitor or getting more deeply involved with the sport, I’d encourage you to go with a bigger option, so you have plenty of room to store all your gear.

Here’s roughly what you can expect from each type of bag:

Type of Bag Size
Tote Small
Backpack Medium
Racquet Bag Large
Duffle Extra Large

Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer, and you may find that more than one bag is ideal. I use a racquet bag when I’m playing a serious match, while a backpack is more than sufficient other times.


One of the areas worth paying close attention to when buying a tennis bag is construction. Unfortunately, this is a bit harder to gauge when buying products online, but some areas to keep in mind include:

  • Materials
  • Zippers
  • Straps
  • Handles

These parts of a bag often receive the biggest complaints from tennis players. Regarding materials, I look for durable bags that are sturdy, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

I also pay close attention to zippers, which aren’t all created equal. Before making a purchase, read the reviews to see whether buyers have had any issues with these. I’ve had zippers break well before I was ready to buy a new bag, which is frustrating, to say the least.


Some tennis bags are more versatile than others, so it’s worth considering how you’d like to use your bag before purchasing.

Although my go-to tennis bag is a racquet bag due to its size and storage capacity, I get way more use out of my tennis backpack because I can use it for pretty much any activity, including a short weekend away.

I also find it a bit easier to justify a purchase when I can use it for more than one purpose. Totes and backpacks are by far the most versatile, so if that’s at all important, you might want to give it some consideration.


I’m a big fan of bags that help you organize gear and accessories, but unfortunately, many are subpar in this area.

Whenever I’m buying a bag, I look for options with plenty of internal and external pockets to help keep my bag uncluttered, making it easier to keep track and find things when needed.

I think organizational features are underrated when it comes to bags, so if that’s important to you, don’t settle for less. There are bags in every category that offer excellent storage options.


Some bags are better than others when it comes to durability. Areas to keep a close eye on when shopping include:

  • Fabrics
  • Material thickness
  • Zippers
  • Bottom of the bag

The most durable bags tend to emphasize certain elements that help ensure durability. For example, they might call out a specific fabric that’s extra durable and water-resistant.

I find the importance of durability varies between players. Still, most have a baseline expectation for quality in this department, so it pays to ensure the bag you’re considering offers adequate protection.


A bag’s comfort is usually one of the more minor considerations. However, when filled with gear, you want to be able to carry everything around with ease and avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

The most common areas of bag construction to consider for comfort include:

  • Handles
  • Straps
  • Padding

Although many bags have made strides in this area, not all focus on it as an area of emphasis.

Regarding comfort, a few things to watch for include thicker padding for your shoulders and back, ergonomic straps, and multiple handles for carrying your bag from different angles.

Brands You’ll Love

Most people I discuss tennis bags with are familiar with the top tennis brands that make bags.

However, if I’m being honest, some of the best tennis bags I’ve come across are created by smaller companies that emphasize bags as a core competency. That’s not to say companies like Wilson and Babolat don’t make high-quality bags, but their primary focus is tennis racquets and strings.

To help you in your research, I’ve pulled together a thorough list of companies worth considering. I’ve also listed out the types of bags that each carries so you can focus your search on the ones that matter.


The following brands are some of the biggest names in tennis.

Brand Racquet Backpack Duffle Tote
Wilson X X X X
Babolat X X X
Head X X X X
Yonex X X X
Prince X X X
Tecnifibre X X X
Dunlop X X X
ProKennex X X X
Volkl X X X
Solinco X X X
Nike X X
adidas X X


Although some of them aren’t as well known, the following specialty brands offer some of the best bags in the game.

Brand Racquet Backpack Duffle Tote
Geau Sport X X X
Glove It X X
cinda b X X
Maggie Mather X
Hadaki X
Ame & Lulu X X
Cortiglia Brisbane X


These luxury brands offer high-end tennis bags for women.

Brand Racquet Backpack Duffle Tote
Vessel X X X X
Court Couture X X
Oliver Thomas X X
Tory Burch X

I’ll do my best to keep this list updated as things change for each brand, but feel free to drop a comment at the bottom of this article if you see anything that needs an update.

Of course, if you have any companies that I’ve missed and you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you.

Best Tennis Bags

I believe that the best is subjective, so I’d encourage you to explore to find the right bag for your needs at a price that makes you feel good.

With that said, I’m super familiar with all of the companies that make tennis bags, and I’ve purchased more than a handful over the years. I’ve also spent many hours researching and exploring them, so I’ve pulled together a list of my favorites in each category to provide you with a solid jumping-off point.


One of the most popular options for ladies, here’s a selection of my favorite tennis totes for women.

Vessel Baseline

Vessel Baseline Women's Tennis Tote Black

Easily one of my favorites, Vessel combines style and performance with their Baseline tote. The bag fits up to two racquets in a dedicated compartment that’s padded to help protect your frames and a waterproof zipper to keep liquids from pouring in accidentally.

When you’re not using the bag for tennis, the racquet section works perfectly as a laptop compartment.

There are two exterior and five interior pockets to help keep everything organized, including a velour-lined pocket for valuables like your sunglasses or cell phone.

You’ll also find a key clip, plenty of room for storing extra gear, and an added nylon shoe bag that cinches close for your shoes or dirty clothes. On top of it all, the bag’s premium synthetic leather is ultra-durable, weather-resistant, and easy to clean.

Geau Sport Stance Tote

Geau Sport Stance Blue Tennis Tote

If you’re on the hunt for a sporty and versatile mid-sized tennis bag with sturdy construction and shape that stands tall and won’t tip over, then you have to check out the Stance tote from Geau Sport.

This lightweight bag comes in black and sapphire blue and delivers all the essential features you’d expect from one of the best. Highlights include ultra-durable 420D nylon fabric, space for two oversized tennis racquets, extra room for larger items, and premium smooth gliding zippers.

However, the Stance tote stands out from the crowd by incorporating a felt-lined front pocket with ample organizational storage, a unique hook to hang the bag on a fence that tucks away when not in use, and convenient magnetic closures for quick access and a clean look.

Regarding my wishlist, I’d love to see the bag offer an additional external pocket on the back side and some extra organizational features in the main compartment, but those are minor details. Overall, the Stance tote is excellent, with an affordable price point that’s hard to ignore.

Cinda B Tennis Court

Cinda B Women's Tennis Tote Black

The Cinda B Tennis Court Bag is a versatile tote with a dedicated racquet compartment for storing up to two racquets and a handful of internal and external pockets for organization.

A few of my favorite parts about Cinda B’s totes is that it’s large enough to fit an oversized tennis racquet without being overly bulky, lightweight, stain-resistant, and machine washable.

I also appreciate how the racquets store outside the bag’s main compartment so they don’t get in the way of the rest of the items.

Ame & Lulu Love All

Ame & Lulu Women's Tennis Tote Canvas

The Love All tote from Ame & Lulu is a stylish bag that features clean lines and is available with a handful of designs printed on the side.

Of all the options, my favorite is the Pink Love design, which showcases the word ‘Love’ printed on the bag’s side.

Hands down, my favorite part about this bag is the canvas material, which looks fantastic and transitions effortlessly from the court to a day out with friends or the beach. Another nice touch is the cutout on one side of the bag that cradles your racquets and allows them to lean over to the side.

As far as downsides, the canvas material is a light beige and not the easiest to clean, so it’s a perfect candidate for adding a tote hook or carabiner, which I discuss in the accessory section, to help keep the bag off the court and clean.

Glove It Tote

Glove It Women's Tennis Tote Multicolor

A specialty brand focusing on tennis and golf products, Glove It offers a popular line of tennis totes with some of the most expressive and colorful designs compared to most others.

Their totes are some of the larger available, and they can easily store up to two tennis racquets with plenty of room to spare. I also like their durable nylon construction that cleans easily.

A few areas where I think the bag could improve are adding a few additional pockets for internal storage and a dedicated slot for racquets. Although the main compartment is plenty big to store two racquets, they’re not separate from the rest of your gear.

Court Couture Monte Carlo

Court Couture Monte Carlo Women's Tennis Tote Black

The Court Couture Monte Carlo is a premium designer tote that’s an excellent option and doesn’t skimp on features.

My favorite part about the bag is its clean and simple style that looks great on and off the court, and the cross-grain faux leather provides a high-end look with a sporty touch.

The bag has three primary enclosures. In the center, you’ll find a well-designed zipper compartment with a cutout on one side, which allows the racquets to lay neatly to the side. Then on either side of the racquets, there are two additional sections with plenty of pockets for the rest of your gear.

As far as drawbacks, the biggest is its price point, but if you’re looking for designer bags, the price is somewhat reasonable.

Torey Burch Convertible Stripe

Tory Burch Canvas Convertible Stripe Women's Tennis Tote Beige

If style is a top priority and higher prices won’t offend you, then the Convertible Stripe Tennis Tote by Torey Burch is one of the best.

Torey Burch created a timeless bag that works well on and off the court with its removable external racquet compartment.

The bag features coated canvas for extra durability, faux leather trim, and subtle touches like matte powder-coated hardware.

Aside from the price, which will be a stretch for many, the bag could use some extra internal pockets for organization. Depending on your needs, it’s a great candidate for a bag organizer.


An excellent option for the court, backpacks are well-worth considering as a go-to tennis bag.

Geau Sport Axiom Backpack 2.0

Geau Sport Axiom Blue Tennis Backpack for Women

If you’re looking for a premium bag, look no further than the Axiom Backpack from specialty bag maker Geau Sport, which now comes in two colors, black and a lighter and brighter Aegean blue.

Beyond their dedication to the sport of tennis, I appreciate Geau’s attention to detail and innovative designs that break the mold of what we’ve come to expect from most traditional tennis bags. Of course, their second-generation Axiom backpack is no exception.

Noteworthy features include a dedicated back panel sleeve for two racquets, a large main compartment with a unique adjustable divider, a leakproof side pocket for wet gear and shoes, and plenty of extra pockets throughout for organizing smaller items.

However, not satisfied with the status quo, Geau takes things a step further with a crush-resistant pocket at the bag’s top for fragile items, two side pockets for storing a large water bottle and a can of balls, a sternum strap for added stability when the bag’s full, premium zippers, and a practical hook to hang the bag from a fence.

For players that demand the best, the Axiom backpack delivers. Its thoughtful design and meticulous attention to detail make it an ideal court companion for players of all ages and levels.

Cinda B

Cinda B Women's Tennis Backpack Blue

Cinda B’s tennis backpacks are as cute as they are functional. They include an external compartment for two standard-size racquets, and the main enclosure offers decent space and a few pockets.

As far as backpacks go, it’s not the roomiest, and I do wish it offered racquet storage for oversized racquets, but if you’re looking for a stylish, lightweight option, it’s one of the best out there.

Wilson Team

Wilson Team Women's Tennis Backpack Grey & Blue

Another popular option from one of the biggest names in tennis is the Wilson Team backpack.

The backpack offers essential features, including a dedicated racquet compartment, a sizeable main enclosure for gear, a front zipper accessory pocket for valuables, and two mesh side pockets that are large enough for a bottle of water and a can of balls.

At the top of the bag, you’ll also find a grab handle for easily carrying the backpack at your side.

One of my favorite parts about the bag is its clean design, which strikes a nice balance between functional and sporty.

Head Rebel

Head Rebel Women's Tennis Backpack Grey & Orange

Head’s Rebel backpack is an excellent option if you’re looking for extra storage and don’t mind its sporty look.

The bag comes in grey and orange and has a unique squared-off shape that helps make it easy to pack and gives you extra space for your gear. You’ll find a dedicated racquet compartment and two side pockets with zippers on the outside.

One of the bag’s unique features is that you can pack it from the top like a typical backpack or lay it down flat and open the front zipper to pack it like a duffle bag.

As far as areas for improvement, I think the bag could use a few internal pockets for organization.

Head Elite

Head Elite Women's Tennis Backpack Blue

A slightly smaller option from Head, the Elite backpack offers many of the same features as the Rebel.

You’ll find storage for two racquets, a smaller front zip pocket, two mesh side pockets, a shoe compartment, and a roomy main enclosure.

A grab handle at the top makes it easy to pick on the bag or carry it at your side. If you’re looking for a no-frills option, it’s perfect.

Racquet Bags

If you’re getting serious about tennis and looking for some extra storage, then racquet bags are an ideal choice.

Vessel Baseline

Vessel Baseline Women's Racquet Bag Mint

The Vessel Baseline racquet bag is one of my favorites, which seamlessly blends style and functional design with many features that put it a cut above the rest.

The bag features two main sections. On one side, there’s a thermal-lined racquet compartment for warmer climates that comfortably fits two racquets, and then on the opposite side, there’s a large enclosure that has more space to store the rest of your gear.

You’ll also find a dedicated shoe compartment and four exterior pockets for keeping everything organized, including a thermal-lined water bottle pocket and velour-lined valuables pocket.

The Baseline racquet bag from Vessel has a lot to love, from the quality zippers to the comfortable and removable backpack straps and durable materials. However, my biggest knock on the bag is its size for a racquet bag, so that’s worth keeping in mind.

If you’re looking for something a bit more manageable, the Vessel Baseline tennis backpack is also worth checking out.

Geau Sport Aether 3-Pack

Geau Sport Aether 2-Pack Women's Racquet Bag Blue

Geau Sport started with some innovative backpacks and has expanded to include a few additional colorful bags, including the Aether racquet bag, a compact racquet bag with a handful of unique features.

The Aether features a sizeable main enclosure to store up to three tennis racquets and additional gear. You’ll find a larger exterior pocket for carrying items like a water bottle on one end. Then there’s also a felt-lined zipper accessory pocket for your phone, valuables, or other small items.

There’s a mesh zipper pocket on one side of the bag, extending the entire length, giving the bag a unique style that’s also practical for storing items like a towel that you’d want to breathe.

If you’re looking for a compact minimalist racquet bag that’s intentionally on the smaller side, it’s a fantastic option.

Wilson 15-Pack

Wilson Women's Racquet Ba 15-Pack Red

One of Wilson’s larger racquet bags, the 15-pack, will store up to that many racquets, but more often than not, players are storing a handful of racquets and plenty of other gear for competition.

If you’re looking for a racquet bag with maximum space, this one is likely right up your alley. The bag features three main compartments for racquets, clothes, tennis balls, exercise equipment, etc.

One of the main compartments is thermal-lined for protecting your racquets and strings from warmer conditions. There are two large zippered side pockets for accessories, a ventilated shoe compartment, and adjustable backpacks straps for easy carry.

Although the bag is intentionally oversized, this will come as a downside for some ladies, so I’d steer clear if you’re looking for a racquet bag but want to keep the size manageable.

Babolat Pure Drive 6-Pack

Babolat Pure Drive 6-Pack Women's Racquet Bag Blue

As the name suggests, the Babolat Pure Drive racquet bag has enough room to store up to six tennis racquets, so while it doesn’t skip on room for gear, it’s not too large either.

A few of my favorite parts about this bag include the thermal-lined racquet compartment for insulation and a dedicated shoe compartment. Plus, it has an ideal amount of storage – not too big or small.

As you’d expect, the bag has external pockets for stashing your accessories like overgrips, phone, and keys. Although this bag doesn’t have many bells and whistles, it’s a reliable option with a competitive price that continues to be popular among competitive players.


For extra-large versatile storage, duffle bags are a great option.

Oliver Thomas Kitchen Sink

Oliver Thomas Kitchen Sink Women's Tennis Duffle Black

My favorite tennis duffle for women is the Kitchen Sink by Oliver Thomas. As the name alludes to, this bag is large and has space for everything you could need to bring to the court.

The bag is available in a handful of colors, but it’s also customizable with special badges that you apply to the outside.

Inside the bag’s main compartment, you’ll find two mesh pockets, a zipper side pocket for small items, and a hidden pocket at the bottom of the bag that’s perfect for storing your shoes separate from everything else. The duffle also has an external zipper pocket at the front and a slip pocket at both ends for quickly stashing items like tennis balls or a water bottle.

You can use the duffles handles or detachable strap to carry the duffle around, and for multi-purpose use, there’s a removable yoga mat or towel strap that attaches to the top of the bag.

The bag is lightweight, vegan certified, machine washable, water-resistant, and fadeproof. There’s even an RFID pocket for keeping passports, IDs, and credit cards secure.

Nike Gym Club Duffle

Nike Gym Club Duffle Bag

If you’re looking for something more compact, then the 24-liter Nike Gym Club duffel bag is an excellent tennis bag to pair with a separate racquet bag for carrying all your gear to the court.

The bag features a large main compartment with an internal zipperless slip pocket for a bit of organization. On the outside, you’ll find a zipper pocket for keeping smaller items for quick access. Then on one end of the bag, there’s a snap pocket where there’s plenty of room to stash a can of tennis balls or a water bottle.

To carry the bag, you can use the smaller carry handles or, the larger detachable shoulder strap. All in all, the Nike Gym Bag is a quality, no-frills option for women.

Wilson Clash

Wilson Clash Small Women's Tennis Duffle Grey & Red

The Clash is one of Wilson’s best-selling tennis racquets, and this tennis duffle features design hints from the racquets.

Although it’s a smaller duffle bag, it’s roomy enough to comfortably fit a few tennis racquets, plus any other gear you might want to bring along, including extra clothes, a towel, water bottle, etc.

I appreciate how the bag has an external shoe compartment to keep them separate from the rest of your clothes, which is also excellent for stashing wet, dirty clothes after a match or practice.

Finally, for carrying, the bag comes with adjustable straps that are perfect for finding the right fit regardless of your height.

Adidas Graphic

Adidas Graphic Women's Tennis Duffle Black

If you’re looking for a medium-sized bag for the court, then be sure to check out the Graphic duffle from Adidas.

It’s a no-frills bag with one external quick access zip pocket and a large main compartment with another smaller zip pocket.

The bag features longer carry straps and a detachable shoulder strap if you need some extra support to transport your gear.

Adidas Diablo

Adidas Diablo Women's Tennis Duffle Black

Smaller than the Adidas Graphic bag, the Diablo is another worthy option for carrying extra gear to the court.

It’s a super simple bag with one large main compartment, carry handles, and an adjustable carry strap.

Although it’s a simple duffle, it’s also super affordable, so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a less expensive option.

Bag Accessories

If you’re buying a tennis bag, there are a handful of simple accessories that I’d recommend which take things up a notch and improve their usefulness.

Although their practicality depends on the type of bag you’re using, the following are my favorites.

Tote Hook

One of my favorite tote accessories is a simple tote hook that allows you to hang your bag from the fence and keep it off the court.

Although they’re multiple styles, one of the most popular is a simple ring that you keep secured around one of your tote’s carry handles.

When you hit the court, you remove the hook and secure one end to the fence and the other to the carry handles. They’re helpful to prevent your tote from getting dirty, avoiding unnecessary scratching or wear to the bottom of your bag, and making it easier to sift through your bag between changeovers.

However, beyond the court, tote hooks are ideal for hanging your bag from a table or bar at a restaurant, so you don’t lose track of it while eating.

Bag Organizer

I love keeping my bags organized, and unfortunately, not all bags excel in this area. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to improving your bag’s storage if you find one you love, but it could be better in this area.

Bag organizers come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and drop into the bottom of your bag to provide you with numerous pockets and zipper sections.

As an alternative, packing cubes and toiletry bags are terrific options for improving a bag’s storage.


Like tote hooks, carabiners are simple metal clasps that you can attach to the carry handle of your bag and easily hang it from a fence.

You can also use them to hang a water bottle from the side of your bag to free up that space inside. Carabiners come in various styles and colors, but most will do the trick as far as tennis bags go.

Dry Bag

If you’re playing tennis at a club or traveling, there’s a good chance that you’re going to change into a new outfit after playing tennis.

Although some bags come with dedicated shoe compartments, most don’t have storage for dirty clothes that you’ll want to keep away from the rest of your gear, so a dry bag is a perfect solution.

They come in various sizes and colors, and they take up minimal space when they’re not in use. As an alternative, you’ll find many dirty clothes bags, but in my experience, they don’t off quite as strong of a seal when closed, so I prefer going with a dry bag.

Key Chain

You’ll find a handful of bags that include a key chain on the inside, which is a nice feature, so you can attach your keys, ensure they say put, and quickly find them when you’re on the go.

However, since not all tennis bags come with one, I’ve found adding an inexpensive bag key chain to be a simple alternative that improves its utility. I’ll usually attach one to an internal pocket’s zipper.

Sunglass Case

It’s more common to see tennis bags include a smaller lined pocket for storing your sunglasses when you’re on the court, but on the whole, it’s not a super common feature despite its usefulness.

I’ll often keep an inexpensive hard sunglass case in my bag to protect my shades as a simple alternative.

Custom Bags

Although there’s a wide selection of unique tennis bags, most of them aren’t easily customized, nor do they offer personalization with embroidery for tennis teams, doubles partners, etc.

Despite that, there are a few places where you can track down custom bags that are worth considering if that’s of interest.

Oliver Thomas

One of my favorite companies for customizing your tennis bag is Oliver Thomas, which offers the following types of tennis bags:

  • Backpacks
  • Totes
  • Racquet bags
  • Duffles
  • Crossbody slings

As far as customization goes, you select a bag style, choose from various colors, then shop badges that you can easily apply to your bag at home with a hairdryer.

Options for badges include letters, short phrases, and images, which you can select and preview on your bag directly on their website. If you’re looking to customize a tennis bag, they’re the place I’d start.


As an alternative to Oliver Thomas, Etsy is another place worth exploring for custom tennis bags. Many sellers on the website offer embroidery for personalization, and there is a variety of bag styles to consider, including totes, backpacks, and duffles.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve made it this far, I hope you’ve found this guide helpful in digging up inspiration as you shop for your new bag.

Without a doubt, women’s tennis bags are the most unique and expressive, and there’s a wide selection beyond the big tennis brands that offer exceptional bags worth considering.

If you have any questions, thoughts about the guide, or you’d like to share your experience with any of the bags on this list, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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