Selecting the Best Tennis Racquet for Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s Elbow

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    TennisCompanion says:

    Hey Avery,

    That’s a great question, thank you for asking.

    An open string pattern is one where the strings are spaced farther apart, while a closed string pattern sees the strings spaced closer together. There are two factors that determine how open or closed a string pattern is:

    • The size of the racquet head
    • The number of main and cross strings there are

    A smaller racquet that has a 95 square inch head with an 18×20 string pattern (18 vertical main strings and 20 horizontal cross strings) will have a very closed string pattern, while a racquet with a 118 square inch head and a 16×19 string pattern will have a very open string pattern.

    Generally speaking an open string pattern will provide players with more power, less control and a greater potential for spin since the strings can really dig into the ball on contact. On the flip side a close string patter provides more control, less power and a slightly diminished potential for spin.

    In this article I recommend an open string pattern since it will tend to provide a more forgiving string bed – all other things being equal.

    Hopefully this helps and thanks again for asking a question :)

    All the best,


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