Four Different Tennis Racquets With Different Head Size and Length

Selecting the Right Tennis Racquet Head Size & Length

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  1. Jamil
    Jamil says:

    Hello guys , I measure 1M98cm and i’m playing with a babolat pure drive , I’m willing to change this racket because i think that one is too short for me . So what’ll be the best racket lenght for me
    thank you :D

  2. TennisCompanion
    TennisCompanion says:

    Hey Jamil,

    Thanks for your question. Do you mind telling me what problems you’re experiencing with your Babolat Pure Drive? Are you looking for more power, control, reach, etc…?

    The standard length Pure Drive is a 27 inch racquet, which is a very common length so it’s likely you may be able to solve any issues you are experiencing without changing the length of your racquet.

    For comparison, John Isner one of the taller players on the ATP tour uses a 27 inch racquet and he’s 6’9″ or just over 2M tall. Of course, every player is different, but I find it’s less common that the length of the racquet is the direct cause of problems for players.

    Looking forward to your reply!

    All the best,


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