The Best Tennis Strings 2020

The Best Tennis Strings for 2020

Find the perfect set of tennis strings

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If you’re in the market for a new set of tennis strings, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve carefully selected 10 of the best tennis strings for 2020 and built this guide to help you find the set that fits your needs.

For your convenience, here’s a table of our top 10 picks that we’ve categorized based on the different types of strings as well as specific goals you may be looking to achieve with your purchase of a new set for yourself or as the perfect tennis gift.

CategoryBest StringTypePrice
Natural GutBabolat VS TouchNatural Gut$$$$$
MultifilamentWilson NXTMultifilament$$
Polyester (poly)Luxilon ALU PowerPolyester$$$
Synthetic GutPrince Synthetic GutSynthetic Gut$
HybridWilsons Champions ChoiceHybrid$$$$
TopspinBabolat RPM BlastPolyester$$
PowerTecnifibre X-One BiphaseMultifilament$$$
ControlBabolat Pro Hurricane TourPolyester$$
DurabilityLuxilon Big Banger AcePolyester$$
ComfortPrince Premier TouchMultifilament$$$

This is an updated version of our guide on the best tennis strings for 2019.