Polyester Tennis Strings - Tennis Racquet Strung With Polys in Background

Polyester Tennis Strings

The Ultimate Guide to Polys

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In recent years, polyester tennis strings have surged in popularity as professional players on the ATP and WTA tour have increasingly adopted them as their preferred string.

If you’re looking to learn more about polys, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about polyester tennis strings. From their pros and cons to what type of players should use them and how to string them, we have you covered.

We’ve also pulled together our top picks. As the demand for polyester tennis strings has surged, so has the selection. Overall, this is fantastic for consumers. However, the overwhelming number of options has made selecting the ideal polyester tennis string more challenging. Hopefully, our list of the best polys helps you cut through the clutter.

#1Luxilon ALU Power$$$
#2Luxilon ALU Power Spin$$$
#3Volkl V-Torque$$
#4Wilson Revolve$
#5Luxilon ALU Power Soft$$$
#6Yonex Poly Tour Spin G$$
#7Volkl Cyclone$
#8Prince Tour XR$
#9Babolat RPM Blast$$$
#10Head Sonic Pro Edge$$
#11Luxilon ALU Power Rough$$$
#12Luxilon Element$$$

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