11 Best Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampeners - Buyers Guide

The 11 Best Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampeners

A detailed guide on vibration dampeners

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If you’re just getting started with tennis, you may be asking, “Should I use a tennis dampener in my racquet?” The truth is, it’s not a simple yes or no answer – instead, it’s a subjective preference.

If you were to ask ten different tennis players whether or not they like them or not, you’d likely get ten different answers.

Regardless, many players can’t live without them, so in this article, we’re going to dive deep into the topic. We’ll cover everything from why they exist to installation and their impact on racquet performance.

We’ve also handpicked the following selection of the best tennis vibration dampeners from the top brands, and as part of our guide, we’ll dive into a review of each dampener and why we selected it as part of this article.

RankVibration Dampener
#1ADV Tennis
#2Tourna Sampras
#3Wilson Pro Feel
#421k Sports
#5Head Djokovic
#6Sorbz Dampeners
#7Muzitao Emoji Dampeners
#8Babolat Custom Damp
#9Head Smartsorb
#10Vibra Worm
#11Gamma Shockbuster II
Bonus: DIY#64 Rubber Bands