Wilson Clash 100 v2

Tennis Racquet

Grip Sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4 (learn more)
Colors: Red, Black
Finish: Velvet
Grip: Wilson Performance Pro
Pre-strung: No
Cover Included: No

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Overview   |   Specs    |    Tech    |    Strings    |    Alternatives    |    Players Endorsing    |     Reviews

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By Jon Crim


With a fresh new red anodized elastic paint job, the Wilson Clash 100 v2 stands out in this family of racquets as the frame with the broadest appeal. Although best suited for intermediate players, it’s also a solid option for higher-level athletes that desire the room to personalize their frame’s specs.

With an approachable 10.4 oz (295 g) weight, the Clash 100 v2 swings fast, a key factor for topspin, which the frame further enhances with a mid-range 100 in² (645 cm²) head size and open 16×19 string pattern that improves grip on the ball.

For arm-friendly comfort, the racquet features an ultra-low stiffness index of 11, resulting from Wilson’s responsive FortyFive graphite construction that gives the racquet a unique feel and enables greater horizontal and vertical flex.

To retain power and stability as the racquet bends, FortyFive works in tandem with StableSmart, which stabilizes the frame and prevents twisting for a consistent response. For 2022, Wilson reconstructs the tip of the hoop to enhance consistency further while increasing the sweet spot’s size.

Hitting groundstrokes, the Wilson Clash 100 v2 accelerates quickly, delivering excellent spin that enables players to achieve greater net clearance and depth of shot while retaining control and the ability to dictate placement.

Transitioning to the net, players will find the racquet is easy to maneuver thanks to the racquet’s mid-range weight and 7 pt HL (32 cm) balance that keeps more of the weight in the handle. It doesn’t pack quite as much stability as its counterpart, the Clash 100 Pro, but it offers plenty of power to put away the ball.

The racquet’s speed enables players to get that extra action hitting kick serves and slice, but it’s also more than capable of flattening out the ball and turning up the pace. Quick reflexes are a must when hitting returns, and the Wilson Cash 100 v2’s fast acceleration helps ensure you can get yourself into position for a well-timed reply.

Overall, intermediate players will appreciate this frame’s all-around performance and extra comfort.


Below you’ll find the specs for this frame alongside the first generations so you can easily compare the racquets.

Spec Clash 100 v2 Clash 100 v1
Head Size 100 in² / 645 cm² 100 in² / 645 cm²
Length 27 in / 68.58c m 27 in / 68.58c m
Strung Weight 10.9 oz / 309 g 10.9 oz / 309 g
Unstrung Weight 10.4 oz / 295 g 10.4 oz / 295 g
Strung Balance 7 pts HL / 32 cm 7 pts HL / 32 cm
Unstrung Balance 10 pts HL / 31 cm 10 pts HL / 31 cm
Swingweight 312
Stiffness 55
Beam Width 24.5 mm / 24.5 mm / 24.5 mm 24.5 mm / 24.5 mm / 24.5 mm
Composition Graphite Graphite
String Pattern 16 Mains / 19 Crosses 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
String Tension 50 – 60 pounds / 22.7 – 27.2 kg 48 – 58 pounds / 21.8 – 26.3 kg

The Wilson Clash 100 v2 comes in your standard length of 27 inches and features a mid-range 100 in² (645 cm²) head size with an open 16×19 string pattern.

Wilson Clash 100 v2 Racquet Weight

Wilson quotes the racquet weighs in at 10.4 oz (295 g) unstrung, but it’s common to find variance from one frame to the next. In this case, this frame weighs 10.34 oz (293.2 g).

Not all tennis strings have the same weight, but you can add 18 or so grams for the racquet’s strung weight.

Wilson Clash 100 v2 Racquet Balance

For its balance, the Wilson Clash 100 v2 measures 70 pts HL at 31 cm when unstrung. With strings installed, it reduces to 7 pts HL at 32 cm.

Wilson Clash 100 v2 Racquet Stiffness

One of the Wilson Clash 100 v2’s unique features is its lower stiffness rating. This frame clocks in a low stiffness index of 11, which helps ensure maximum comfort for your arm.

Wilson Clash 100 v2 Racquet Beam

Finally, the racquet features a flat beam that measures 24.5 mm all the way around.

Tech Features

Wilson incorporates a handful of unique tech features for the construction of this racquet.


FortyFive is a unique graphite construction that allows for optimal horizontal and vertical flex, contributing to the Wilson Clash 100 v2’s lower stiffness for comfort without sacrificing torsional stability for control.


To further optimize the Wilson Clash 98 v2, the racquet features StableSmart. This unique geometric throat design helps ensure the racquet’s flex doesn’t detract too much from its power while maintaining optimal stability and predictable response.

Parallel Drilling

Wilson drills select grommets for the Clash 100 v2 parallel to the frame vs. following the arch or angle of the racquet’s head, so the strings pull straight through from one end to the other. The result is a larger sweetspot for improved comfort and better response.

Agiplast Components

Wilson introduces a plant-based bumper guard, grommet system, and butt cap to reduce its environmental footprint further. The new material results from a partnership with Agiplast, an Italian plastic compound manufacturer.

Strings & Tension

Wilson recommends stringing the Clash 100 v2 with 17 gauge or 1.25 mm Luxilon ALU Power, a popular polyester tennis string.

Wilson suggests stringing between 50 – 60 lbs (22.7 – 27.2 kg) for optimal performance, an ideal tension they arrived at after thoroughly testing the frame.

As a first-time user of this racquet, we’d recommend you string the racquet at 55 lbs (24.9 kg) to start. From there, you can adjust your tension up for control and down for power based on your experience hitting with the racquet.

Alternative String Recommendations

Luxilon ALU Power is one of my picks for the best tennis strings, which delivers excellent spin, lower power, and a surprisingly good feel for the type of string.

However, here are a few alternatives I’d encourage you to explore that also pair well with the Wilson Clash 100 v2.

If you’re coming to this racquet for comfort, polyester strings alone aren’t ideal as they’re stiff and can cause arm discomfort over time. Instead, I’d recommend considering hybrid stringing, which combines two strings to balance out performance.

You could pair a stiffer polyester with a multifilament or natural gut as one option. It’s worth noting that the string in the mains will dominate the overall feel, so the multifilament in the mains would provide you with more comfort.

For maximum comfort, you could string this racquet entirely with a multifilament, or you could opt for a less expensive synthetic gut.

Stringing Instructions

Follow these instructions when stringing the Wilson Clash 100 v2.

  1. Start the mains at the racquet’s throat
  2. When stringing the mains, skip grommets 7T, 9T, 7B, 9B.
  3. Tie off the mains at 6B
  4. Tie off the crosses at 5T
  5. If two-piece stringing, tie off the crosses at 5T and 8B

T = Top of the Frame
B = Bottom of the frame

Alternative Racquets to Consider

The Wilson Clash 100 v2 is an excellent frame, but it’s not the only option in this category of modern player’s racquets. The following are a handful that I’d recommend you check out, which offer similar performance and specs.

You can use their specs as a starting point for comparison.

Players Endorsing

No ATP or WTA players are currently endorsing the Wilson Clash 100 v2, partly because this racquet is relatively new to the market.


What’s your take on the Wilson Clash 100 v2? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the section below.

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