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Center Court at the ATP Finals

Nitto ATP Finals Prize Money

2022 Breakdown & Historicals

By Jon Crim
Image Credit: Nitto ATP Finals

Now in its 52nd edition, the Nitto ATP Finals is a year-end tournament that features the world’s eight best men’s singles players and doubles teams.

The event takes place in Turin, Italy, the 15th host city since the event began in 1970, and players will compete at the Pala Alpitour stadium, with room for up to 12,000 spectators.

For 2022, the Nitto ATP Finals’ total prize money is an impressive $14,750,000, which translates to €14,313,473 and £12,474,517 and is up 104% over the prior year.

The tournament is the fifth highest-paying event after the Grand Slams. However, significantly more money is on the line for each player who participates, as there are only eight singles players and eight doubles teams. For context, each Grand Slam features 128 singles players and 64 doubles teams, so there’s a wider distribution of winnings.

The Nitto ATP Finals uses a round-robin format. In singles, the maximum a champion can earn is $4,740,300. Meanwhile, the least amount a player will take home is $320,000, the participation fee for competing in all three of their round-robin matches.

In doubles, the undefeated championship pair will receive a check to split for $930,300, while each participating team will claim a $130,000 payday if they show up to all three of their round-robin matches.

Although the prize money is significant, it’s also worth noting that the ATP Finals also award ranking points. Players earn 200 points for a round-robin win, 400 for a semifinal win, and 500 for a semifinal win. As a result, an undefeated champ can rack up 1,500 points.

The remainder of this guide provides a detailed overview and complete breakdown of the Nitto ATP Finals prize money and historical data for reference and quick comparison.

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2022 Full Breakdown

Unlike a typical ATP tournament, the Nitto ATP Finals doesn’t feature a standard single-elimination bracket. Instead, players compete in a round-robin format with two groups. The winner and runner-up from each group compete in the semifinals, and the event concludes with a final match.

Consistent with the round-robin style format, singles players earn a prorated participation fee, which starts at $160,000 for the first match and increases by $80,000 each time they compete up to $320,000.

However, a round-robin match win is worth $383,300, so plenty of additional earning opportunities are on the line. From there, two players will earn $1,070,000 for a semifinal win, followed by a finals win worth $2,200,400, representing 15% of the total prize money.

Doubles follow the same earning methodology, except the amounts paid for participation and wins are significantly less. It’s also worth noting that singles and doubles alternates earn $150,000 and $50,000, respectively.

The following table summarizes this data. I’ve also converted prize money to euros and sterling pounds, which I calculate using the prior year’s exchange rate on the day of the final for a close approximation of value.

US Dollar


US Dollars20222021202020192018201720162015201420132012201120102009
Participation Fee*$320,000$173,000$153,000$215,000$203,000$191,000$179,000$167,000$155,000$142,000$130,000$120,000$120,000$120,000
Round-robin Match Win$383,300$173,000$153,000$215,000$203,000$191,000$179,000$167,000$155,000$142,000$130,000$120,000$120,000$120,000
Semi-final Match Win$1,070,000$530,000$402,000$657,000$620,000$585,000$545,000$510,000$475,000$445,000$410,000$380,000$380,000$380,000
Final Win$2,200,400$1,094,000$550,000$1,354,000$1,280,000$1,200,000$1,130,000$1,050,000$980,000$910,000$830,000$770,000$770,000$770,000
Undefeated Champion$4,740,300$2,316,000$1,564,000$2,871,000$2,712,000$2,549,000$2,228,000$2,228,000$2,075,000$1,923,000$1,760,000$1,630,000$1,630,000$1,630,000


US Dollars20222021202020192018201720162015201420132012201120102009
Participation Fee*$130,000$82,000$68,500$103,000$100,000$94,000$88,000$82,000$76,000$65,000$65,000$65,000$65,000
Round-robin Match Win$93,300$33,000$30,000$40,000$38,000$36,000$34,000$32,000$30,000$25,000$22,500$22,500$22,500
Semi-final Match Win$170,000$84,000$56,000$106,000$103,000$96,000$89,000$83,000$76,000$65,000$30,000$30,000$30,000
Final Win$350,400$164,000$70,000$204,000$200,000$188,000$176,000$162,000$150,000$190,000$125,000$125,000$125,000
Undefeated Champion$930,300$429,000$284,500$533,000$517,000$486,000$455,000$423,000$392,000$395,000$287,500$287,500$287,500

*Prorated participation fee for three round robin matches.



Participation Fee*€318,099€149,731€131,032€193,253€177,864€162,814€169,152€156,990€123,808€105,911€102,306€90,192€91,617€79,808
Round-robin Match Win€381,023€149,731€131,032€193,253€177,864€162,814€169,152€156,990€123,808€105,911€102,306€90,192€91,617€79,808
Semi-final Match Win€1,063,645€458,714€344,281€590,546€543,231€498,670€515,016€479,431€379,411€331,904€322,657€285,607€290,121€252,727
Final Win€2,187,331€946,854€471,032€1,217,046€1,121,508€1,022,913€1,067,831€987,065€782,785€678,725€653,183€578,730€587,876€512,104
Undefeated Champion€4,712,145€2,004,492€1,339,442€2,580,605€2,376,196€2,172,838€2,105,422€2,094,457€1,657,428€1,434,272€1,385,063€1,225,103€1,244,465€1,084,065


Participation Fee*€129,299€70,971€61,571€92,582€87,618€82,361€83,159€77,085€60,706€51,153€48,854€48,854€43,230
Round-robin Match Win€92,797€28,561€26,966€35,954€33,295€31,542€32,129€30,082€23,963€19,674€16,911€16,911€14,964
Semi-final Match Win€169,083€72,702€50,336€95,278€90,246€84,113€84,103€78,025€60,706€51,153€22,548€22,548€19,952
Final Win€348,509€141,942€62,920€183,366€175,236€164,722€166,317€152,290€119,814€149,524€93,950€93,950€83,134
Undefeated Champion€925,280€371,298€255,723€479,088€452,984€425,823€429,967€397,646€313,114€310,852€216,084€216,084€191,208

*Prorated participation fee for three round robin matches.

Sterling Pound


Sterling Pounds20222021202020192018201720162015201420132012201120102009
Participation Fee*£276,347£126,331£118,165£167,094£158,202£144,679£145,270£109,965£98,934£88,833£81,895£77,524£77,151£72,926
Round-robin Match Win£331,012£126,331£118,165£167,094£158,202£144,679£145,270£109,965£98,934£88,833£81,895£77,524£77,151£72,926
Semi-final Match Win£924,035£387,027£310,473£510,609£483,178£443,128£442,302£335,820£303,185£278,386£258,284£245,494£244,310£230,933
Final Win£1,900,230£798,881£424,776£1,052,304£997,530£908,981£917,066£691,394£625,519£569,284£522,868£497,448£495,050£467,943
Undefeated Champion£4,093,647£1,691,233£1,207,909£2,231,289£2,113,516£1,930,827£1,808,163£1,467,073£1,324,440£1,203,003£1,108,731£1,053,040£1,047,962£990,580


Sterling Pounds20222021202020192018201720162015201420132012201120102009
Participation Fee*£112,222£59,880£53,237£80,050£77,932£73,256£71,418£53,995£48,510£40,947£41,992£41,992£39,502
Round-robin Match Win£80,541£24,098£23,315£31,087£29,614£28,056£27,593£21,071£19,149£15,749£14,536£14,536£13,674
Semi-final Match Win£146,752£61,340£43,522£82,381£80,270£74,815£72,229£54,653£48,510£40,947£19,381£19,381£18,232
Final Win£302,482£119,759£54,403£158,545£155,864£146,512£142,835£106,672£95,743£119,693£80,755£80,755£75,965
Undefeated Champion£803,080£313,272£221,108£414,238£402,908£378,750£369,261£278,533£250,207£248,835£185,736£185,736£174,719

*Prorated participation fee for three round robin matches.

Prize Money by Year

Each year, organizers evaluate prize money at the Nitto ATP Finals and adjust it up or down based on the event’s performance. Factors such as ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandise, and concessions influence how much the tournament can afford to pay.

In 2022, prize money reaches an all-time high of $14,750,000, more than doubling 2021’s prize money. Furthermore, since we’ve begun tracking total prize money for the tournament, it has only decreased once in 2020 due to the pandemic, which is an impressive track record.

The following table showcases the yearly prize money for the Nitto ATP Finals since 1998 when the tournament previously operated under the name of the ATP Tour World Championships.

YearATP Finals Total Prize Money% Change

Please note that all data is in US dollars.


Here are a few frequently asked questions from fans and attendees about the Nitto ATP Finals prize money.

How much does the winner earn at the Nitto ATP Finals?

For 2022, the Nitto ATP Finals winner will take home $4,740,300, which translates to €4,586,832 and £4,003,325 if they remain undefeated.

How much does the runner-up earn at the Nitto ATP Finals?

For 2022, the runner-up at the Nitto ATP Finals will take home $2,539,900, which translates to €2,455,918 and £2,142,939 if they remain undefeated until the finals.

Is the Nitto ATP Finals prize money taxed?

Yes. The Italian government taxes all player earnings at the Nitto ATP Finals, reaching as high as 43%.

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