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Center Court at the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan, Italy

Next Gen ATP Finals Prize Money

2022 Breakdown & Historicals

By Jon Crim
Image Credit: San Diego Open

Established in 2017, the Next Gen ATP Finals is a year-end exhibition tournament for the best professional 21-and-under players.

The event takes place in Milan, Italy, at the Allianz Cloud stadium and features a unique set of rule changes that increase the sport’s tempo to attract new fans while appealing to existing followers.

For 2022 the Next Gen ATP Finals’ total prize money is $1,400,000, which equates to €1,396,185 and £1,213,653 and is up nearly 8% over 2021.

For context, the event’s prize money falls between what you’d find on offer at an ATP 250 and ATP 500 event, but with far fewer players resulting in a solid payday for all who participate.

Featuring a round-robin format, the max the champion can take home if they remain undefeated throughout the tournament is $432,750, which is a 7.5% bump over the prior year.

Meanwhile, players who successfully participate in all three of their round-robin matches will earn a participation fee of $82,250, which organizers prorate per match. In other words, that’s the minimum a participating player will take home just for showing up to the event.

The following sections of this guide provide a detailed overview and complete breakdown of the Next Gen ATP Finals prize money and historical data for reference and quick comparison.

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2022 Full Breakdown

The Next Gen ATP Finals is a unique end-of-year tournament, so it’s not surprising it comes with a special prize money breakdown.

For starters, all participating players earn a prorated participation fee of $82,250, which increases with each match. After the first match, players take home $41,125, then $61,690 after the second, and finally $82,250 if they complete their third and final round-robin match.

For each round-robin win, players earn $28,000. The two top players from the green and red groups move on to the semi-finals, where a win nets two players an additional $113,500, followed by a finals match where the champion will grab another $153,000 for a win.

All total, if the champion remains undefeated through all five of their matches, they’ll pick up a check for $432,750.

The following table summarizes this data. I’ve also converted prize money to euros and sterling pounds, which I calculate using the prior year’s exchange rate on the day of the final for a close approximation of value.


2022US DollarEuroSterling Pound
Participation Fee*$82,250€81,832£71,035
Round Robin Win$28,000€27,858£24,182
Semi Final Match Win$113,500€112,924£98,024
Final Win$153,000€152,223£132,139
Undefeated Champion$432,750€430,552£373,745


2021US DollarEuroSterling Pound
Participation Fee$80,000€71,915£62,182
Round Robin Win$24,000€21,574£18,655
Semi Final Match Win$109,600€98,523£85,190
Final Win$140,000€125,851£108,819
Undefeated Champion$402,400€361,731£312,777


Organizers cancelled the Next Gen ATP Finals in 2020 due to the pandemic.


2019US DollarEuroSterling Pound
Undefeated Bonus$24,000€21,572£18,652
Participation Fee$56,000€50,336£43,522
Round Robin Win$33,000€29,662£25,647
Semi Finalist$63,000€56,628£48,962
Undefeated Champion$429,000€385,608£333,411


2018US DollarEuroSterling Pound
Participation Fee$52,000€45,872£40,071
Each Round Robin Win$32,000€28,229£24,659
Fourth Place$52,000€45,872£40,071
Third Place$78,000€68,807£60,106
Undefeated Champion$407,000€359,033£313,632
Undefeated Champion Bonus$24,000€21,171£18,494


2017US DollarEuroSterling Pound
Participation Fee$50,000€42,857£37,913
Each Round Robin Win$30,000€25,714£22,748
Fourth Place$50,000€42,857£37,913
Third Place$75,000€64,285£56,870
Undefeated Champion$390,000€334,281£295,723
Undefeated Champion Bonus$25,000€21,428£18,957

Prize Money by Year

Tournament officials at the Next Gen ATP Finals reset prize money each year, which various factors, including ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandise, and concessions, heavily influence.

For 2022, prize money returns to pre-pandemic levels matching the 2019 high of $1,400,000, nearly 10% higher than when the tournament first started running in 2017 and an impressive number overall.

The following table showcases the yearly prize money for the Next Gen ATP Finals since 2017, when organizers founded the tournament.

YearNext Gen ATP Finals Total Prize MoneyChange

Please note that all data is in US dollars.


Here are a few frequently asked questions from fans and attendees about the Next Gen ATP Finals prize money.

How much does the winner earn at the Next Gen ATP Finals?

For 2022, the Next Gen ATP Finals winner will take home $432,750, which translates to €431,510 and £375,017 if they remain undefeated.

How much does the runner-up earn at the Next Gen ATP Finals?

For 2022, the runner-up at the Next Gen ATP Finals will take home $279,750, which translates to €278,948 and £242,429.

Is the Next Gen ATP Finals prize money taxed?

Yes. The Italian government taxes all player earnings at the Next Gen ATP Finals, reaching as high as 43%.

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