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United Cup Prize Money | 2023 Breakdown & Historicals

United Cup Prize Money

2023 Breakdown & Historicals

By Jon Crim
Image Credit: United Cup

New for 2023, the United Cup is a mix-gender team competition featuring 18 teams and some of the world’s top players with substantial prize money and actual ranking points on the line.

The tournament, which takes place across three cities in Australia, brings together players from the ATP and WTA to replace the all-male ATP Cup, which ran for three years starting in 2021.

For 2023, prize money at the United Cup is an impressive $15,000,000, with $7,500,000 set aside for ATP and WTA players. However, earnings for individual players break down into three categories:

  • Participation fee
  • Per team wins
  • Individual wins

As far as prize money goes in professional tennis, this is one of the more unique distribution methods that seek to incentivize the participation of top players while awarding team and individual performance.

For context, the maximum a single player who goes undefeated the entire tournament could earn in prize money is $883,385. On the other hand, $5,000 is the minimum a player could take home purely for participation without any team or individual wins, so the gap is significant.

The following sections provide a detailed overview and complete breakdown of the United Cup’s prize money and historical data for reference and quick comparison.

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2023 Full Breakdown

Prize money distribution is equal between men and women at the United Cup. However, earnings vary widely based on a player’s ranking, team success, and individual performance.

Participation Fees

Each team can have up to four male and four female players, organized as the No. 1, 2, 3, and 4 players based on their rankings.

Using Spain as an example, here’s Spain’s lineup.

ATP Player Entry Rank Rank Type
Nadal, Rafael 2 S
Carreno Busta, Pablo 13 S
Ramos-Vinolas, Albert 39 S
Vega Hernandez, David 31 D
WTA Player Entry Rank Rank Type
Badosa, Paula 13 S
Parrizas Diaz, Nuria 72 S
Bouzas Maneiro, Jessica 206 S

Participating fees work on a sliding scale. That is, the higher your rank, the more you get paid. Rafael Nadal and Paula Badosa are the No. 1 players for their teams based on their rankings.

In this case, Nadal is the No. 1 player and ranks in the top 1-10, so he’ll earn the maximum participation fee of $200,000. Badosa is the No. 1 player, but she ranks in the top 11-20, so her participation fee is lower at $100,000. It’s worth noting that participation fees are only earned in full when the player participates in two group-stage matches.

Here’s how all of the participation fees breakdown.

No. 1 Players

Singles Ranking $/Player
1-10 $200,000
11-20 $100,000
21-30 $60,000
31-50 $40,000
51-100 $30,000
101-250 $25,000
251+ $20,000

No. 2 Players

Singles Ranking $/Player
1-10 $200,000
11-20 $100,000
21-30 $50,000
31-50 $30,000
51-100 $20,000
101-250 $15,000
251+ $10,000

No. 3 Players

Singles Ranking $/Player
1-30 $30,000
31-100 $15,000
101-250 $7,500
251+ $6,000

No. 4 Players

Singles/Doubles Ranking $/Player
1-30 $10,000
31-100 $7,500
101-250 $6,000
251+ $5,000

Individual Wins

Individual wins can net a player the most prize money outside participation fees. Here’s a breakdown of what players can earn in singles and doubles throughout the United Cup.

Match Wins No. 1 No. 2 Doubles
Final $251,000 $169,200 $47,255
SF $132,000 $89,000 $24,750
City $69,500 $46,800 $13,000
Group $38,325 $25,900 $7,200

Team Wins

To incentivize team performance, the United Cup offers prize money to each player anytime their team wins.

Team Wins $/Player
Final $23,155
SF $13,650
City $8,025
Group $5,000

Maximum Prize Money

Since Rafael Nadal is a top-ten player, let’s use him as an example of the maximum a single player can earn at the United Cup.

United Cup Example Earnings
Participation Fee $200,000
Singles – Group Stage – Match 1 $38,325
Singles – Group Stage – Match 2 $38,325
Singles – City Stage $69,500
Singles – Semi Final $132,000
Singles – Final $251,000
Doubles – Group Stage – Match 1 $7,200
Doubles – Group Stage – Match 2 $7,200
Doubles – City Stage $13,000
Doubles – Semi Final $24,750
Doubles – Final $47,255
Team – Group Stage – Match 1 $5,000
Team – Group Stage – Match 2 $5,000
Team – City Stage $8,025
Team – Semi Final $13,650
Team – Final $23,155
Total Earnings $883,385

In total, Rafa would have to win five singles and doubles matches. However, since players only compete in doubles matches if there’s a tie, it’s unlikely that he or any player would earn all of the doubles prize money, which would total $99,405.

The Citi Open takes place in Washington, DC, at the Fitzgerald Tennis Center on the southeast side of Rock Creek Park. The venue consists of 12 courts, 7 of which are for practice.


Here are a few frequently asked questions from fans and attendees about the United Cup’s prize money.

What’s the maximum a player can earn at the United Cup?

The maximum a top-ranked player could earn at the United Cup is $883,385, requiring them to go undefeated the entire tournament and participate in all mixed-doubles matches.

What’s the minimum a player can earn at the United Cup?

The lowest participation fee for the United Cup is $5,000. Any player who earns this fee but does not win any matches individually or as a team would only walk away with that amount.

Is the United Cup’s prize money taxed?

Yes. The Australian government taxes all player earnings at the United Cup, reaching as high as $.45 per dollar.

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