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A packed center court during sunset at the Winston-Salem Open

Winston-Salem Open Prize Money

2022 Breakdown & Historicals

By Jon Crim
Image Credit: Winston-Salem Open

The Winston-Salem Open is an ATP 250 tennis tournament in North Carolina and one of seven US Open series events leading up to the year’s last major in Flushing Meadows, NY, the US Open.

The tournament, which takes place at the Wake Forest Tennis Complex in Winston-Salem, hosts 48 players in singles and 16 teams in doubles. For 2022, organizers are offering prize money of $731,935, a 2% bump over 2021, which is the equivalent of €736,410 and £622,346.

This year, the singles champion will take home $100,475, while the runner-up will pocket a cool $57,660, equating to 4% and 3% increases over what players received last year.

In doubles, the winning team will earn $39,530, and the runner-up pair will split a smaller paycheck of $20,700 for their efforts.

The most significant percentage increase for players comes in the qualifying rounds, where the first-round qualifiers earn 25% more and the second round increases 13% to $2,070 and $1,145, respectively.

Unfortunately, for the main events first and second round, players see drops in prize money of just over 1%. Although these changes are nominal, every dollar counts for players in the early stages of a tournament.

The remainder of this guide provides a detailed overview and complete breakdown of the Winston-Salem Open’s prize money and historical data for reference and quick comparison.

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2022 Full Breakdown

Singles is the bread and butter of the Winston-Salem Open, so organizers distribute 80% of the prize money to the event. In comparison, tournament officials allocate the remaining 20% to doubles.

However, beyond the singles and doubles events, prize money also breaks down by round, increasing the further a player progresses. The following tables summarize this data by year, and you can scroll left to right to view historical numbers.

I’ve also converted prize money to euros and Sterling Pound, which I calculate using the prior year’s exchange rate on the day of the final for a close approximation of value.



US Dollar20222021202020192018201720162015201420132012
Round 2$10,925$10,740$10,740$10,470$10,065$9,660$9,355$9,050$8,665$8,335
Round 1$6,420$6,500$6,500$6,365$6,120$5,865$5,685$5,500$5,270$5,065
Qualies Round 2$3,905$3,950$3,950$3,875$3,720$3,570$3,460$3,350$3,205$3,080
Qualies Roud 1$2,070$1,840$1,840$1,745$1,675$1,605$1,025$990$950$915


Please note that all historical data for the Winston-Salem Open prize money in euros considers exchange rates on the day of the final for the years listed.

Round 2€10,888€9,103€9,555€9,315€8,954€8,594€8,323€8,051€7,709€7,415
Round 1€6,398€5,509€5,783€5,663€5,445€5,218€5,058€4,893€4,688€4,506
Qualies Round 2€3,892€3,348€3,514€3,447€3,309€3,176€3,078€2,980€2,851€2,740
Qualies Roud 1€2,063€1,560€1,637€1,552€1,490€1,428€912€881€845€814

British Sterling Pound

Please note that all historical data for the Winston-Salem Open prize money in British sterling pounds considers exchange rates on the day of the final for the years listed.

Sterling Pound20222021202020192018201720162015201420132012
Round 2£9,245£7,745£8,747£8,527£8,197£7,867£7,619£7,371£7,057£6,788
Round 1£5,433£4,687£5,294£5,184£4,984£4,777£4,630£4,479£4,292£4,125
Qualies Round 2£3,304£2,848£3,217£3,156£3,030£2,908£2,818£2,728£2,610£2,508
Qualies Roud 1£1,752£1,327£1,499£1,421£1,364£1,307£835£806£774£745

Doubles (Per Pair)

2022US DollarSterling PoundEuro
Round 1$4,000£3,385€3,986

Prize Money by Year

Every year, prize money at the Winston-Salem Open changes due to various factors influencing the tournament’s revenue.

Notably, ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandise, and concessions significantly impact the tournament’s financial success, so prize money will typically suffer along with revenue. However, it’s impressive that a smaller event like the Winston-Salem Open has managed to increase prize money consistently, barely skipping a beat during the pandemic.

The following table outlines the yearly prize money for the Winston-Salem Open since 2012, one year after the tournament moved from Wake Forest University. Prize money is up 32% when comparing 2022 to 2012.

YearWinston-Salem Open Total Prize Money% Change

Please note that all data is in US dollars.


Here are a few frequently asked questions from fans and attendees about the Winston-Salem Open’s prize money.

How much does the winner earn at the Winston-Salem Open?

For 2022, the ATP winner at the Winston-Salem Open will take home $100,475, which translates to €101,083 and £85,393.

How much does the runner-up earn at the Winston-Salem Open?

For 2022, the ATP runner-up at the Winston-Salem Open will take home $57,660, which translates to €58,009 and £49,005.

Is the Winston-Salem Open’s prize money taxed?

Yes. The United States government taxes all player earnings at the Winston-Salem Open, reaching as high as 37%.

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