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An empty center court at the Mifel Open in Los Cabos at sunset

Mifel Open, Los Cabos Prize Money

2022 Breakdown & Historicals

By Jon Crim
Image Credit: Mifel Open

Having started in 2016, the Mifel Open is a relative newcomer to the ATP 250 series of tournaments, which takes place annually at the famous vacation destination of Los Cabos, Mexico.

Now in its sixth year, the tournament will take place at the newly built Cabo Sports Complex, which boasts a center court stadium for 3,500 fans and a Grand Stand that fits 1,200.

For 2022, the Mifel Open’s prize money reaches an all-time high of $822,110, which equates to €801,906 and £671,096, a sizeable 37% increase over the purse in 2021.

The tournament’s winner will earn $125,040, while the runner-up will take home a respectable $72,395. These figures represent 113% and 72% increases over the prior year.

The doubles pair who wins the tournament will split $43,440, and the runner-up will pocket $23,250, which are also sizeable bumps of 98% and 48% vs. 2021.

You can explore a complete breakdown of the 2020 Mifel Open prize money in the following tables, along with historical data for reference and comparison.

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2022 Full Breakdown

Tournament organizers at the Mifel Open in Los Cabos distribute 80% of prize money to singles, and 20% to doubles, which you’ll find is standard at ATP tournaments worldwide.

Beyond events, prize money also breaks down by round, increasing the further a player progresses in the tournament. The following tables summarize this data by year, and you can scroll left to right to view historical numbers.

I’ve also converted prize money to euros and Sterling Pound, which I calculate using the prior year’s exchange rate on the day of the final for a close approximation of value.



US Dollar2022202120202019201820172016
Round 2$14,430$12,840$12,825$12,225$10,885$12,280
Round 1$8,815$7,730$7,680$7,240$6,450$7,275
Qualies Round 2$4,410$3,775$3,715$3,260$2,905$3,275
Qualies Roud 1$2,405$1,960$1,860$1,630$1,450$1,635


Please note that all historical data for the Mifel Open prize money in euros considers exchange rates on the day of the final for the years listed.

Round 2€14,168€10,851€11,523€10,984€9,780€11,034
Round 1€8,655€6,533€6,901€6,505€5,795€6,537
Qualies Round 2€4,330€3,190€3,338€2,929€2,610€2,943
Qualies Roud 1€2,361€1,656€1,671€1,465€1,303€1,469

British Sterling Pound

Please note that all historical data for the Mifel Open prize money in British sterling pounds considers exchange rates on the day of the final for the years listed.

Sterling Pound2022202120202019201820172016
Round 2£11,901£9,318£10,548£10,054£8,952£10,100
Round 1£7,270£5,610£6,316£5,954£5,305£5,983
Qualies Round 2£3,637£2,740£3,055£2,681£2,389£2,693
Qualies Roud 1£1,984£1,422£1,530£1,341£1,193£1,345

Doubles (Per Pair)

2022US DollarEuroSterling Pound
Runner Up$23,250€22,832£19,189
Round 1$4,490€4,409£3,706

Prize Money by Year

The Mifel Open’s prize money changes yearly, with the tournament’s revenues heavily influencing the numbers.

Like most tournaments, the Los Cabos event earns revenue primarily through ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandise, and concessions, so a down year can negatively impact player earnings. In 2017 and 2021, the tournament’s prize money declined from the prior year, so it’s constantly fluctuating.

In the following table, I outline yearly prize money for the Mifel Open since its inaugural event in 2016. Prize money is up 22% when comparing 2022 to the first year.

YearLos Cabos Total Prize Money% Change
2020Not played

Please note that all data is in US dollars.


Here are a few frequently asked questions from fans and attendees about the Mifel Open’s prize money.

How much does the winner earn at the Los Cabos Open?

For 2022, the winner at the Los Cabos Open will take home $125,040, which translates to €121,920 and £102,028.

How much does the runner-up earn at the Los Cabos Open?

For 2022, the runner-up at the Los Cabos Open will take home $72,395, which translates to €70,588 and £59,070.

Why did prize money at the Los Cabos Open go down in 2021?

Tournament organizers canceled the MifLos Cabosel Open in 2020 due to the global pandemic and held it in 2021 with reduced fan capacity to allow for social distancing. As a result, ticket sales and revenue were lower, resulting in reduced prize money.

Is the Los Cabos Open’s prize money taxed?

Yes. The Mexican government taxes all player earnings at the Los Cabos Open, reaching as high as 35%. Players are rarely taxed in their home country for their winnings in Los Cabos because a double tax treaty usually exists between countries.

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